Hearty Food, For A Hearty Worker

Black Pudding - ace with Irn-Bru and chips!Up bright and early up this morning with some ideas for new poems; not just new subjects, but a new format and stanza structure. They’ll be challenging because it’s a new rhythm and structure, but I want to give this kind of poetry a chance and see if I can get into its groove.

I’m happy with my current output, but I want to expand a bit now and add more to my repertoire. It’s also a move from observational and humorous poetry to abstract and opinion.

I’m flying through these books on Tibetan Buddhism. They are very easy to read and for some reason, very relevant. I think I’d like to write something in the future to do with the religion, but at the moment I’m quite content to read about it and learn about Practice. It’s fascinating stuff. I’ve made more of a connection with Buddhism in less than a week, than I ever did with Christianity in my entire childhood!

Why is it relevant to me? I’ve not figured that one out. It just seems to make more sense and has begun to fill in some of the blanks to questions I have, and feelings I’ve been compressing within me for years. I was never purely of the opinion there was a God of any kind (as regular readers will know), and Buddhism does not rely on this. It’s all about personal spiritual development, not worshipping some unseen deity in a troubled world.

I had a lovely unhealthy dinner this evening. Laura and I took a trip toIrn-Bru - Made In Scotland, From Girders the local chippy and took some grub back to eat in front of the telly (The Simpsons). One Black Pudding Supper later – washed down with some Irn-Bru, naturally – and I was wondering if I would even be able to lie on my stomach when I got to bed!

Today I got through the first three chapters of Slick edits, making research notes as I went, and posted my blog before I even left the house for work at 7:00am!

I wrote next weeks Scruffy Dog Review Blog article (for 20th) as well as the one for the 27th, so I’m all clear for this month. I’ve published some interesting articles up there of late and there are some wonderful writers contributing also, so please go and check it out.

A while back – June 2006 – I was running with the idea of putting together an anthology of fiction and poetry with my writing group. The whole idea hit the back-burner when one of the founding members died, and I kind of shelved the whole thing. But for some reason I got to thinking today; there’s 15 contributors who were prepared and submitted material, so why not go with that?

So I did. I e-mailed everyone who was previously involved and those who were on the side-lines as far as commitment to the project went, and the response has been really good. So I am once again in the process of taking in submissions, bio’s and other information from everyone involved. Big project, but one I can use to enhance creativity and work with other people.

I submitted Spawning to an online flash mystery site (thanks to Devon for the tip), and made a few tweaks to the websites and my new one, which is still waiting to be uploaded. The reason for the delay is I need to get new graphics for it. Not just new fonts, new snazzy graphics that will be adapted from actual photographs – but I need to take the photos first. That will need a white background, white shirt and black tie, then some cool adaptations on the PC. It will be worth the wait.

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1 Response to Hearty Food, For A Hearty Worker

  1. It all sounds great!

    I like a lot of Buddhism. However, the aspect that does not work for me is “detachment”. As an artist, I think it’s fatal to detach. As writers, we are always observing as we are experiencing, so we’ve got a bit of that going on anyway, but good art contains passion, which to me is diluted by “detachment”.

    So that’s the block I personally encounter with it, but many of the other principles I think are relevant and make an enormous difference in trying to get through daily life.

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