Story Of My Life

High FidelityI was awoken by the scent of a sausage sandwich being held under my nose, cooked and delivered by Laura. Along with a cup of tea, she gave me a Father’s Day card and a present; an ‘I Love My Dad’ picture frame with a picture of me and her in it. Who’s heart wouldn’t melt at that?

That’s when I felt guilty at not planning on attending church. She was to see her perform with her school choir today and before I knew it was on, I had intended on taking my first extended lie for several weeks. I’m not going into the religion thing, but I just do not enjoy church. It holds nothing for me by way of entertainment or even spiritually. I don’t mean to offend – it’s just how I feel.

But as it was, it meant a lot to Laura, and so I’ve never got dressed so fast on a Sunday morning in my life.

She was of course, wonderful. They sang several songs but the best was O Happy Day, despite me being reminded the whole time of that scene with Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor.

Gail headed off afterwards to Glasgow to see George Michael playing at Hampden, so Laura and I spent the afternoon together. I dropped her off at her Gran’s house for the night later on, then I returned – to an empty house!

First up, dinner – a cheese loaded omelette. Next up, a head shave and a shower. Third up, a movie. I sat down with a pint of Irn-Bru and a bar of chocolate, and watched one of my favourite moves all time, High Fidelity.

High Fidelity had a big impact on me when it was released in 2000. The first time I saw it was in the company of the director, Stephen Frears, at the Glasgow Film Theatre. It came at a point in my life when I was going through a similar set of emotions to the protagonist Rob Gordon, which comes to all men when the bridge between the single life and once involving some form of commitment to a partner, comes into view.

It’s a hilarious film, too, the character, Barry, played by Jack Black just cracks me up. His brand of humour hits my funny spot every time; slightly warped, slightly sick, but so very honest.

And as for the soundtrack — being a music lover (not of the mainstream pish you get these days) it appealed to me on a musical level. Most of the records mentioned I own, and of the ones I didn’t, I do now simply because of the film, such as The Beta Band, and Belle and Sebastian.

By the time I’d watched it I was too tired to watch the Rankin documentary from last night. Tomorrow.

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Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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  1. That’s one of my favourite movies too! Brilliant.


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