Broken Writing

In the end it felt better than it looked; 2k added to the tally but it was a real case of scrimping and scraping any spare minutes I could, to get the work done. Everyone wanted a piece of me today and so I couldn’t get more than ten minutes solid at the manuscript, so my 2k was cobbled together piece by piece and over the entire length of the day.

I worked the story a lot in my head – which isn’t hard to do at the moment – and it helped keep me focus during such a broken day. By half past eight (pm) I was shattered. I knew I should ideally be ploughing on to get to 3k or over, but my reasoning was such that a good’s night sleep followed by an early start would get me to within touching distance. I just couldn’t write any more for the day. And I have to face it – this damn challenge is going to go to the wire for me no matter what I do.

It’s my writer’s group meeting tomorrow night and having missed the last one I don’t intend to miss this one. Which of course puts more pressure on the publication on RR, but hey – who said life was boring if you keep it busy?

NaNoWriMo Progress – Gatecrash

Today’s Word Count: 2088

NaNoWriMo Progress

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2 Responses to Broken Writing

  1. Call in sick tomorrow and write. You’re telling the truth — the day job’s making you sick and you need to stay home and write yourself well.

    Definitely go the writers’ group meeting — they’ll be delighted with RR and a great boost.

    Woo-hoo – you’re so close!

  2. Lara says:

    You ARE close! Don’t you hate it when you REALLY need the time and suddenly everyone “needs” your time?

    I agree with Devon.

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