Peaks And Troughs

Special deals on books by Colin GalbraithI seem to be experiencing the same energy dips and troughs as I did the over the last two weeks; full of beans on Monday, empty tin of beans on Tuesday, tired on Wednesday. If tomorrow goes as I expect it to, I’ll be exhausted for the next two days. Then the weekend will come where I can re-charge. I need to avoid flicking on the TV after working late – it only leads to this eyelid dropping syndrome.

I had a late night flurry of emails just before I logged off last night; a conversation with the new content editor for my regular client about their company restructuring. They’re an SEO organisation that sell links and adverts, and in my case, they buy keyword articles to use for promoting and boosting their client’s online profiles – in my case Viagogo.

I thought the email exchange was a prelude to being told my services would no longer be required, but it seems they were impressed by the “energy in my articles” and that I am “top of the roster.” So, there may be a shortage of assignments for a couple of weeks, but until then I was offered other work for another website. All good news!

My priorities for today were to write next weeks article for DWT, start pulling from the research and assembling the company review articles for the gig I bagged last night, revise some more chapters of Slick, and tick a few more items off my GDR list. I got everything done except for Slick. Well that’s not entirely true; I just didn’t complete the fourth chapter.

The fourth chapter of this novel is key to whole book. It contains a major event that not only has implications for Ronnie later on, but also on the reader’s perception of what is happening. So it has to be written perfectly, which is why I have a whole directory on my PC devoted to the research behind it. Most of what I did on the book today involved breaking down this research, in particular the dossier of information provided to me by one of Strathclyde’s top ranking Fire Officials.

The information I’ve got is fantastic and some of it has to go in the novel – thereby changing the ripples once again. Above all – it must be done right.

I finished up early tonight. I’m going to try and beat the tiredness by chilling out and getting to bed early.

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Slick Editing Progress (Chapters)
Slick Editing Progress (Chapters)

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1 Response to Peaks And Troughs

  1. When the weather gets better and you can walk more, you’ll feel better. Because of all the sitting we do, it’s important to get out and move in between.

    If I don’t build regular exercise in, I get logy, especially in the evenings, and I feel those day-to-day dips you talk about.

    If I keep some motion in every day, not only am I more focused at the desk, I feel better all the way around.

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