Edinburgh In Ruin

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Edinburgh City Council is at it again. Not content with wasting money on an ridiculous new tram system, they are now planning on tearing the heart out of the Old Town. A £300m Caltongate complex will “boast” a luxury hotel, office complex, 200 new homes, shops, restaurants, and bars.Read the BBC report here.

These people are ruining this city. That area is one of the most historic and beautiful in the country, and it is now destined to become one of the most visually unappealing and conflictive areas of architectural nonsense, there has ever been. Full details of the plan are here: www.caltongate.com – I’ll be signing the petition to stop it.In another sad but inevitable announcement, the end of Grange Hill after 30 years on our TV screens, is to come to an end.

Read the Independent report here.

I remember my Dad banning us from watching it, in the odd belief that somehow I would end up just like Zammo. His censorship ever worked though, and I think I turned out alright. These days kids are more into Eastenders and Casualty, programmes where you can see much more grittier portrayals of modern life. It’s a shame.

I went for another couple of freelance gigs today, gave my About Me page another once over – you can read it by clicking here or on the About link at the top of this page, though it’s not up on my main site just yet - and polished up and submitted all my drug rehab articles. Now I can shift my concentration over to the weekend looming, and the delights it has in store. I’ll be away from the PC for a couple of days, so no blogging until Sunday.

Good luck to Scotland on Saturday against Wales in the Six Nations – we’re going to need it! My preview of the weekend’s fixtures will be published in Six Nations Rugby Spotlight tomorrow, meanwhile you can now read my latest article over at DWT; Experts and Editors, which was published today.

Click Here for Six Nations Rugby Spotlight

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2 Responses to Edinburgh In Ruin

  1. Binny says:

    Looking forward to seeing you bro 🙂

  2. Oh gosh yes aren’t the trams a bad idea, trams work in the cities where they’ve always been integral but to bring them back is lunacy. The money would be much better spent on improving buses to outlying areas of town. Thanks for the link to the Caltongate site, I’ll pop over and sign the petition too

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