Happy Birthday Mum!! (Almost)

Click Here for Six Nations Rugby SpotlightI wrote this blog entry in the hope that I might be able to nip onto my father’s PC at his house in the evening, so if you are reading this, mission accomplished.I left the house with my weekend bag packed, and other various stuff I would need for my weekend out west. It will be Sunday before I get back home, which meant an early rise today in order to take care of some tasks that wouldn’t get done otherwise; feeding the fishes, shaving my head, and cleaning and feeding the rabbits!

Friday joke #1: “Doctor doctor, I’m frightened of lapels.” Dr: “Ah, yes. You’ve got cholera.”

They were funny this morning. I stuck my head into the opening of the hutch (as I often do), and they came running up to lick my forehead (as they do). Then they scampered away through to the rear of the hutch and stopped. They waited in the dark in silence, then two wee heads poked through the space at the rear, before then they ran up to me, and licked my forehead again. This was repeated several times, until Gail announced how disgusting the whole thing was.

I received feedback from my editor on the drug rehab articles, which was good because it means I can get them tied up before the weekend. He said I could leave them until after I returned, but one wants to make a good impression. There’s a few minor edits required, one of which I actually thought hard about before submitting.

My dilemma was whether to write the articles in U.S. English or U.K. English. It’s a small matter perhaps to someone not involved in the industry, but to the accuracy of the piece and relevance to the clients (mine and theirs) it’s an important issue. In the past I’ve worked on pieces I wrote in U.K. English, and if they were to be used by the American leg of the company, they would have an American copywriter edit them accordingly. I’ve done the same; received U.S. English articles from a company and edited them into U.K. English for the British website of the same company.

It’s not a good idea to mix the two forms of language within the one article, so in the interests of safety, I plumped with U.K. English. My editor wants it in U.S., which is fine, because while it won’t change the piece one iota, it means I know what their policy is. I subbed the articles in the evening from my Dad’s PC.

Friday joke #2: Q: “What station does Amy Winehouse get off at?” A: “High Barnet.”

I met my sister at her office in Glasgow and we made our way out to my parent’s house for my Mum’s birthday dinner (which isn’t officially until tomorrow – she’ll be 61 you know – AND she’s a concession)! We had steak pie with all the trimmings – wonderful! This was followed up by chocolate birthday cake and cappuccinos.

The diet hit the rocks somewhat but that is to be expected this weekend. However, the good news is that since the start of January, I have lost 6 pounds.

As I write, I’m about to head back to my sister’s flat for the night, before tomorrow’s rugby and the customary wee drinky-poo that comes with it.

Friday joke #3: Q: “Why do penguins walk softly?” A: “Because they can’t walk, hardly.”

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Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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