A First For Our Writers’ Group

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My latest weekly article is now up at The Dog Blog. Please check it out if you are interested in reading about Sir Walter Scott’s slippers!

I picked myself and dusted myself off after yesterday’s cyberslapping. Thanks to Steve, Devon, and Aloysius for your words of support. I ran through all the articles submitted to DWT but not yet published, and gave them another proof read – just to be sure. Of the offending article, it looks like “mis-proportionally” is the only word not spelt correctly (or in fact in existence). “Omelet” is not in error because it is the US version of the word “omelette.” I am satisfied with that.

Of the drug rehab articles, when I got home form the day job there was an email from my editor. The customer is satisfied with the drug philosophy and tone of the articles, so I just need to polish them up for the errors. I’ll get them back tomorrow.

I also wrote out the 2nd draft of the March newsletter, the 1st draft of my February GDR Review, and started assembling my March GDR Plan.

In the evening I had the monthly meeting of my writers group. The numbers in recent months have fluctuated between 4 and 7, with last month hitting an all time low with 2; me and another bloke, Andrew. So when I walked in to the pub this evening, the large crowd of people at one of the tables seemed the least likely to be my group, so I never even looked over.

I ordered my Guinness and tuned around to see Gillian, the organiser-in-chief, waving at me. The large group of people numbering 13 in total, had all come to the meeting. All but one I already knew, so there was a fair amount of introductions to be done.

We had a guest in Maria Castro, to talk to us about a project she is involved with. Maria is the global coordinator of the WoMen Project, a non-profit initiative aiming to produce a book that allows for an interaction between its writers and readers, and themed around personal relationships and their perceptions. WoMen Project is based on the aim of the White Ribbon Amnesty International Campaign to STOP GENDER discrimination and violence involving men and women – hence the name. To fiond out more, please visit: http://www.yambria.org/yambria15/women.htm

There looked to be a fair amount of pensive faces around the table (two pushed together!) but the more people talked the easier it got, and once a few drinks were down people started to relax. As assistant organiser, I made it my point to insist that the new faces all showed up at the next one again or I would come and hunting them down – not sure if that was too persuasive or not, but we shall see.

When it came down to it there was only a few of us left by closing time, but I think from what I can gather, everyone who came enjoyed themselves, and certainly having something in particular to centre the evening around helped give it a formal feel for a while. I’ll be sharing ideas with Gillian over the next few weeks for things we can do to enhance the group, but it looks like a good omen if the numbers keep up and people stay interested.

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  1. Sounds like a great night out!

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