Shooting The Breeze

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I suffered the usual morning-after-a-few-pints-of-Guinness effects this morning. Regular drinkers of the Black Stuff will know what I mean – those who don’t, don’t ask.

As well as largely focussing on my freelance work and on the completion of Slick this year, I’ve also begun thinking about my next novel. I’ll definitely (probably) write one in November for NaNoWriMo again, and I have also planned to write something totally new as per my GDR (apart from the editing that Slick and Gatecrash will require).

To that end, more and more into my mind is coming the idea of finding out what Jackie McCann has been up to. Thus, a sequel to Hunting Jack might be on the cards this year.

After thinking aloud about this at my writers’ group last night, I think my next novel, once Slick is complete, will be the one I had for a DI Lennox story, and that I began researching last year. Then I will go back to finish Gatecrash and get it finished, so I am clear for Hunting Jack Part 2 in November. That’s the book I want to do for NaNoWriMo; intense and passionate – that’s what Jackie was all about.

But first, I have to finish Slick!

Onto to more immediate concerns, and what I ploughed through today. Yesterday’s blog was first off the plate, before I began the rewrite of the drug articles. I definitely blinded myself with the proofing of these, and the whole experience has stressed to me how just important it is to take a break between drafts, especially the final polish prior to submission.

I sent them in to my editor and he got back after about half an hour. The articles were up to scratch, which was good, and we went on to have an email conversation about the experience, our views on it, and generally gaining a better understanding of who we are and how we work.

I recently worked on an article about telecommuting for DWT, which will be published in the next few weeks, and one of the points I make is the problems/benefits surrounding communication. Yes, with email, communication is instant and you can have “discussions” with people on the other side of the globe, but at the same time, things said can often be mis-construed or feelings of alienation build up. So it was great to shoot the breeze with this editor and get everything out. There’s a feeling of mutual respect building, and I appreciated it.

As my experience of editors go, he’s a tough one. Tough, not in an unreasonable way, but in that he has very high standards, and he is really pushing me to meet them. I appreciate what he has been doing, but I think he got worried he might be pushing me too much, so I put him at ease; I like being pushed, motivated, whatever you want to call it, because this is a serious thing for me and I want to learn and keep learning. Which is how I’ll make it out of the Day Job From Hell faster.

Afterwards he sent me three article requests, this time for Viagogo, and all with a shorter turnaround. The trick will be to apply to this batch what I’ve learnt this week.

I completed a new DWT article and got that submitted. I had a short exchange of emails with the editor about the alleged “typos” in my recent Top 5 Mistakes of Freelance Writing article, and he supported me – publicly as it turned out. Check it out at:

I finished the 3rd draft of the March newsletter – it’s all but ready to go – and I also got the February GDR Review and March GDR Plan almost complete. I’m well organised this month!

The 2nd issue of The Ranfurly Review is all but complete. I worked on the remaining tasks this evening, and now the website is ready to go live, the e-zine is complete, the communications are done and pending, and all I can do now is wait for Saturday to come along.

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1 Response to Shooting The Breeze

  1. Lara says:

    I hear you on the editing. You just have to take time away, sometimes. After a while, you just aren’t as “sharp”–aka you don’t notice things you normally would.

    I always give myself a day or two of rest between heavy edits. No deadlines for me, yet! 😉

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