40 Minute Turnaround

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I took care of a lot of outstanding items from my GDR list today, as always seems to be the case at the end of the month, there is a certain amount of tying up to be done to prepare oneself for the next.

I began work on the Viagogo articles, getting through the first draft of The Kooks article, and outlining the Girls Aloud one. The Wimbledon one I want to have a further think about how to approach; it’s such a large subject to narrow down into a couple of pages of 12 point..

I finalised February’s GDR Review and my March GDR Plan, so I’m totally happy with them both now. The focus again is on the novels and the freelance work, but instead of there being a 25/75 split, I am working to make it more 50/50.

I caught up with my email, checked through the job boards, and sent away 3 queries; each of them long shots, but at least it takes my total number of queries this month into double figures.

The March issues of my newsletter, The Patter, was finalised and setup to send automatically on Saturday morning, as was the newsletter to the mailing list subscribers of The Ranfurly Review. Automation is a wonderful thing to help you plan ahead.

I found a very interesting avenue to go with my stage play. FUSE Scotland is a company that is works in association with the Scottish Arts’ Council and Playwrights’ Studio Scotland. I downloaded their information and will read it thoroughly tomorrow, and hopefully send off What a Waste for review. They look like just the job to give me a fair crack and if they think it’s good enough, do something with it.

I also did a bunch of advertising on the Internet for the final day of my book offer, and I submitted three short stories that had come back to me; Regrets, Amanda and Joe, and A Point of View. I sent A Point of View out twice in the end, because the first time it was sent out it went to Stride Magazine a rather terse rejection came back within 40 minutes!! It simply said: “sorry, we are unable to offer you publication in Stride magazine.”

Not even I would consider rejecting a piece from my own magazine with such an arrogant rejection note. Even some of the ones that fail as soon as they are in the door, I leave for a couple of weeks and then read them again – just in case my bad mood reflected poorly on someone’s piece. Not after 40 minutes. It makes me not want to go near them again, so I won’t.

About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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