Slick is DONE!

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Couldn’t sleep for Slick. The characters are continually bugging my head, asking questions, reminding to add some words, change others, and take some out. Glover is at one side, wanting it all over and done with because he’s sick of me putting shit into his life to see how he copes. And Lennox is standing at the other side, one eye on what his partner is doing, the other on me, thinking up ways to move me away from the goal and keep him alive until the next book.

It’s pay day, I went out for lunch to an Indian restaurant for an awesome curry, and I have a great weekend planned, and YET my mind was still totally pumped up for nothing else but finishing this (sixth I think) draft of the novel, I couldn’t think about anything else.

I finished it.

Slick is now more complete than when I started, but in its truest form since the idea was first conceived. I like it; I love it; I just hope the trusted readers to whom I have sent it like it also. I hope it works, it hope it is fathomable, and I hope that it makes for a good read. But right now, I can’t work on it any more.

My next novel has been semi-researched, and can now be considered in the pre-production stage. I’m looking forward to it now that this one is out of the way (for now).

I was nervous sending the book out to play in the minds of others, but excited at the same time. It feels good to be freeing it, and seeing how it flies. Whatever comes back, the people who now have a copy won’t give me anything less than the truth, and that’s most important of all.

Right now, I need a break from the words that form Slick.

I can’t remember if I mentioned last weeks article publication, but the following are both now up:

Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

5 Tips for Handling Clients

I also wrote and published (a little late, sorry), the Final Week Preview for the Six Nations Rugby Spotlight. I also polished up and sent in March article three for DWT, and invoiced them early to try and avoid PayPal fees – it never worked, so back to monthly.

But the big news today can be seen in this wee image below – Slick is officially DONE!

Slick Editing Progress (Chapters)
Slick Editing Progress (Chapters)

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4 Responses to Slick is DONE!

  1. Congratulations! Awesome!

  2. Lara says:

    WONDERFUL, COL! Don’t you feel accomplished?? 🙂 Congrats!

  3. AM says:

    42 words? Gotta see that!

  4. Stevie says:

    Is everything OK mate.
    Not heard from you for 5 days now.

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