Catch Up If You Can

Click Here for Six Nations Rugby SpotlightHello! Hello!

I’m back and the writing routine has swung back into action. A quick review of the weekend first:


There was much tidying of the house to be done in preparation for work going on next week, but I managed to catch some of the final weekend’s play in the Six Nations Championship. Scotland were beaten, unsurprisingly it was back to business as usual; England hammered Ireland; Wales thumped France in a classic match to claim a Grand Slam title on top of the Triple Crown already bagged. Well done to them.

For match reports on all the final weekend’s games, go to the Six Nations Rugby Spotlight website. A full review of the championship will be up later this week.

I moved the bunnies to a new spot in the garden. The main reason was to avoid a clash with the new washing line, but their new spot provides more shelter from the wind, and they also pick up much more healthy sunlight where they are now. It’s also easier access for them to get out to the run on the lawn, so everyone’s a winner! Soon be time for their annual jabs, I’ll need to make that appointment with the vet soon.


Family day. My parents and sister, Lindsay, were through for a big meal in Edinburgh to round off Gail’s 30th birthday celebrations. I joined my sister and parents on the drive back through to Glasgow to save me a train journey in the morning.


Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and for punk fans, especially the Irish ones, that meant the traditional annual party at the Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom with Stiff Little Fingers.

My sister and I took much delight from a hearty breakfast and a day listening to music, talking, drinking Guinness, cider, and vodka (not all at once – mostly), before going to the gig.

I’d forgotten just how rough a gig it is. You don’t get a mosh pit at SLF on Paddy’s Day, you get an entire ballroom full of mayhem bordering on the edgy. I don’t say this lightly to boost these guys reputation – frankly, they don’t need it – but when you see guys as big as tanks being dragged out semi-unconscious, you know you have to watch yourself. I thought Madness was rough, but you haven’t seen anything until you have seen SLF on their March 17th gig in Glasgow.

FUCK ME I was almost glad when it was over, and the thing about it is, I spent practically the entire time trying to stay on my feet, fending off the ragers around me, and making sure my sister was protected, I hardly got any time to actually see the band!

Nevertheless, it’ll be same time next year!


A very sore day; back, stomach, legs, and neck all stiff and sore from last night’s SLF gig. A wee trip to Ludovic’s for brunch sorted out the hunger, and then an afternoon watching DVDs with Irn-Bru and snacks sorted out the hangover. After a Chinese meal for dinner I caught the 10pm train back home to Edinburgh, and got home at the back of 11; in bed by midnight.


Email catch up! I had loads from over the past three days sitting in my inbox waiting to get through. Amongst them was a rejection from Rumble; Spawning now back on the pile.

I got a postal letter from FUSE (think I may have mentioned it – can’t remember) who are putting What a Waste through their process. The first stage is to have it read anonymously by a highly skilled professional; then I will receive written feedback to help me develop the play and my craft; feedback is presented to all Partner companies for consideration; and information on my writing will be available to other theatre companies. So it’s quite an exciting time for What a Waste!

Plenty more submissions for The Ranfurly Review – I’ve fallen behind somewhat so I spent some time getting back on track with those today.

Got an article published on CopyBlogger. Click to read 7 Advantages of Working in Your Dream Market

DWT have also published a new article, the first of two parts about SEO article writing. Click to read How to Write an SEO Article – Part 1

I complete the re-write on Regrets, which I have to agree is much better now. I’ll give it another pass tomorrow and get it back out in circulation.

I think that’s enough of a catch-up for today.

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  1. Binny says:

    Was a superb gig and couple of days bro 🙂

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