Whatever Happened To Jackie McCann?

Hunting Jack (Colin Galbraith) book coverMy morning email check was very exciting today – more feedback came in from one of my trusted readers for Slick. I opened the document and began reading before I did anything else.

Thankfully, the book on a whole went down well, with many good points, and many questions. Of the questions, there are a couple of themes coming through in all the crits I have received back so far, but this particular report moved into other areas that nobody else has spotted, and this also applies to some of the subtleties I put into the plot on purpose. Turns out they are too subtle and detract from what I was attempting, but never mind. I need to clarify in my head, decide, then rework where appropriate.

Despite it being my sixth draft of Slick, my grammar isn’t 100%. Which for me, is extremely disappointing. It’s not habit with me yet, and while I know I am improving, when it comes to larger pieces like this it becomes all too easy to miss the obvious.

Grammar and spell-checking a 1000 word article is far more easier than doing it on an 85,500 word manuscript. So while my process for article and short story writing has developed, I need to develop something that works for my longer pieces; something that paves the way for me to see these blatantly stupid mistakes, without losing my focus on the construction of the story.

Summarising today’s tick-offs: I ran through all my email – I have a backlog again – posted my blog, wrote this blog, re-drafted the new drug rehab articles, polished and submitted a new DWT article, updated my review of March, started drafting April’s GDR, wrote the quarterly review for 2008, and did more work on April’s newsletter. I also worked on more RR submissions, completed prepping the RR3 contracts, invoiced DWT, updated my budget, and did a power of work on the Hunting Jack sequel.

I’ve taken the decision to write this as a stand alone novel, as though the characters were being introduced for the first time. I can’t rely on Hunting Jack any more because 1) it’s not good enough, 2) it will need re-written, and 3) I’ve come on as a writer.

The plot is developing well. I’m excited. But while HJ had an element of naivety in it, both in my writing and in Jackie’s life, that’s all gone. I’m an improved writer, and I want to use that to test his metal.

About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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1 Response to Whatever Happened To Jackie McCann?

  1. Try not to proofread when you’re tired, because your brain adjusts to what it wants to see.

    Also, what I learned the hard way from TRACKING MEDUSA is that I had to shift starting and stopping points — for awhile, I worked in 3 or 5 chapter chunks, but if every read-through was the same length, I’d keep missing mistakes.

    Yeah, it makes no sense to me either.

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