Damn Pain Killers

My leg’s slowly getting better, though it was hard to judge the pain on Friday morning, the day after my first session with the osteopath. All across my abdomen, my groin, and down my right leg felt as though someone had jumped up and down on my body, but now, as I try to remind myself every minute how I should be standing, sitting, or walking properly, I can tell a difference is being made.

I had to take pain killers on Friday, not as a matter of course like I had been advised, but to put en end to the crippling pain. The large bright orange tablets only made me feel nauseous to the point I had to lie down and sleep some of it off after I got home from work. Today, though (Sunday), I stayed off them entirely to gauge just how much my leg had improved, but also because I felt as though I could get away without them. Plus I wanted a drink in the evening and didn’t want to them to conflict.

I’m fed up taking the pills since the effect on me has not been a good one; they’ve been killing the pain alright, but they’ve left me feeling lethargic and sick. The result of this has been a severe lack of enthusiasm to even get my mind around to my work, which is my main worry. But today was good; yes there was pain, but nowhere near as severe as what it has been lately.

Saturday was a washout because of it though. I just couldn’t summon the energy or desire to do anything, and all the things I wanted to have got done by the end of the week remained undone.

My sister, Lindsay, had a night out in Edinburgh so she was through to stay over night, and with Gail also out pitching for work in the evening, I was on my own to watch the house. I took Lindsay up to where she was meeting her friends; a luxurious modern building near the Kings Theatre overlooking the canal. We couldn’t find it at first, but then I heard the noise of some girls laughing and as I walked around the corner I saw a couple of stunning ladies standing on a balcony in little black dresses drinking champers. It was like a scene from Footballers’ Wives!

I left Lindsay to it then headed home, and finally got my dinner around half past nine. I watched a couple of DVDs – the remake of War of the Worlds (preferred the original), and American Pie 2 – which took me until 2am when Gail arrived back with one of her pals, followed by Lindsay an hour later. I had said I would stay up for her to make sure she got home safe, and I was shattered by the time she got in.

About Colin Galbraith

Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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