June GDR Plan

Monthly GDR Plan

* Complete final draft of Slick (G1,G2,D1,D2)
* Write up Slick synopsis and query letter (G1,G2,D1,D2)
* List up suitable agents and prepare to submit Slick (G1,G2,D1,D2)
* Write two new short stories that are planned out (G2,G5)
* Decide which novel to write next (G1,G2,D1,D2)

* Query freelance gigs 25/mth (0/25 pitched – Total=44) (G7,G9)
* Write weekly SDR articles (3,10,17,24) (G5,G7,G9)
* Write Scotland’s Treasure column for SDR Summer edition (Jul) (G5,G7,G9)
* Stay alert for work opportunities that may come through from TLB (G5,G7,G9)
* Chase work from non-advertised and networked sources (G5,G7,G9)

* Finish re-branding of CG Freelance to Compass Freelance (website and advertising) (G5,G7,G9)
* Select suitable URL for Compass Freelance and form new company website (G7,G9)
* Prepare cuttings and print off as PDF (G7,G9)
* Create PDF file with skills and examples (G7,G9)
* Create SOR contract (G7,G9)
* Evaluate Quicken as a suitable small accounts package
* Printers – Check out wireless/photo quality/fast (G7,G9)
* Keep company accounts up to date

* Develop and build new website for another Edinburgh photography business (G5,G7,G9)
* Continue development of website for Edinburgh-based photographer (G5,G7,G9)

* Continue writing Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2 (G4,G5)
* Look at combining SP2 with SP1 and publishing as chapbook (G4,G5,G8)
* Continue writing Rome chapbook idea (G4,G5)
* Continue writing Amsterdam chapbook (G4,G5)
* Continue writing Bus Stop chapbook idea (G4,G5)

* Nothing planned

* Publish RR issue 3 (G6)
* Stay on top of RR submissions (G6)
* Initialise layout of RR issue 4 (G6)

Marketing and Promotion
* Publish June newsletter (G5)
* Prepare July newsletter (G5)
* Keep website(s) up to date (G5,G8,G9)
* Create RR website on Facebook, Bebo (all others like MySpace) (G5,G6)
* Promote RR online every 7 days on MySpace/Facebook/Bebo/BBS (G6)
* Promote link exchanges for RR (G6)
* Create personal website on Facebook, Bebo (all others like MySpace) (G5)
* Look at Twitter, DiggIt, Delicious, etc. as possible avenues for generating markets (G6)
* Look at setting up book sites on all social media sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, DiggIt, Delicious, etc.) (G6)

Reading and Research
* Continue reading, absorbing, and applying The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman (G7,G9)
* Finish The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
* Finish reading Hunting Jack and taking continuity/character notes (G3)

* Continue diet (16/28lbs lost as at 19/4/08) (R1)
* Continue Stage 1 Italian Lessons started in May
* Start Galbraith Family Tree project

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About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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