Grey Clouds

Grey CloudsBit of a smelly day today weather-wise – which is just how I like it. Cool, drizzly, and grey. It always brings out the best in me. *Ahem*.

One thing me and the other members of my day job team have discovered since moving department and location, is that the problems that existed in the old place are still here. It wasn’t localised issues that were causing us to dread the place – it’s the place itself.

There’s such a lack of personality, creativity, and sociability about the place. It’s like everyone who wanders around the shiny modernised box has no life other than what exists inside it. It’s a stifling, heart breaking atmosphere that makes me want to scream at times, or at the very least, put my fist through the flat screen monitor in front of me.

But enough of the light hearted stuff – here’s something more serious: in four weeks I’ll be poolside on a Greek isle once more. Yeehaah!

While thinking about the work I have on and want to do, it occurred to me that other than my poetry work that is flowing out at the moment, not a lot else is actually happening. Ok, I have a lot of website freelance work on, but fiction and non-fiction? Don’t even mention it.

I’ve hit a kind of low without feeling depressed. Is it because I have this so-called disease they call writers’ block? Do I have so much on I just don’t know where to start? Or is it that I am nothing more than a procrastinating layabout? One thing I know I’m not is lazy, so what’s wrong?

I think it’s a combination of things.

– the urge to write poetry is strong at the moment
– dropping Love Hurts has had a negative effect although it was the right thing to do
– I’ve been working so long on the Slick revisions it’s got me fed up – but so close to completing
– All my novel projects are still WIP
– I’ve lost a big freelance writing gig and nothing is coming in from the other
– I know what fiction I want to work on – I’ve just keep putting it off

You can see where I’m going with this. June has to count; it’s as simple as that.

I got all the peripheral stuff out for the Ranfurly Review – it’s downloading fast. Even although it was a day late, there was a large spike in the stats for Sunday where people were logging on to get the new issue even though it wasn’t available. Which is nice.

I got my newsletter out – the June issue of The Patter to all my subscribers. I’ve had a great idea for a website competition but I’ll need to work on the technical side of it if I’m to make it work.

My latest weekly article is now up at the Dog Blog. Please check it out.

I finished the Slick blurb and uncovered a novel competition being run by the Daily Mail. The prize is publication and a £30k advance. If I can get Slick complete by the end of the month (and it’s a big if) I’ll send it in.

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1 Response to Grey Clouds

  1. I am unbelieveably jealous of the amount of paid vacation you get in the UK.

    Here, one is lucky to get two weeks, and nowadays, one is expected to be in contact with the office daily.

    Of course, since I don’t work in an office, it no longer affects me, but still . . .

    If poetry is what grabs you now, do it. Don’t worry about the fiction. Do the website work and the poetry, and let the fiction well re-fill.

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