Summer Writing

Summer writingDawn Copeman ( spoke in her weekly mailing how this time of year always presents new problems and challenges for writers, because the great weather tempts us “to spend more time outside enjoying the weather, rather than inside writing.”

How true, especially here in the UK where Dawn is also based, where we have been basking in great weather for more than what’s normally expected for this time of year. On Saturday I spent the entire afternoon and early evening lying out in my back garden. Yes, it can be very dangerous; who would want to be sat inside writing while the sun is blazing and the skies are blue?

The good weather is a great opportunity to change things about. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. It’s a good feeling to be sitting outside while you write and it’s been made easer with the affordability and portability of laptops. Personally, I prefer a notebook and pen when I’m out and about, not so much for practical reasons, but because variety is the… you get my drift.

Dawn also said: “the changing season can also fill us with new energy, hope and determination for our

Let’s hope so. I’ve been through a wee bit of a flump lately after a storming start to the year, but the most productive season of the year for me has still to come – autumn. Before then, though, is the summer, which means foreign trips, the Book Festival, and the Fringe. If that doesn’t perk me up I shouldn’t even be writing.

I did a lot of work on two fiction projects today; the short story idea and a novel prospect. Both are providing me with renewed hope. The main chunk of work was for my new web client and his two websites.

In the evening we went out to visit some friends in Musselburgh. It was a lovely evening so we sat out in their back garden for while chatting and drinking beer. Well, I say “we” but I really mean me and Rob. Gail was driving and Sarah is 8 months pregnant so they never touched a drop.

We ordered an Indian take away for dinner; one lamb dupiaza, pilau rice and nan bread followed by some freshly ground coffee from the filter. Very nice indeed.

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1 Response to Summer Writing

  1. I like writing outside, too, in beautiful weather, especially when I’m travelling.

    It somehow seeps into the writing and makes it more sensory.

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