A Busy Man’s List

A busy manStarted work for 5.30am, and started the day job for 7.30am. Not bad going at all if I don’t say so myself. I spent the first couple of hours of a cloudy but humid day working on the short story I worked out last week. I’m writing it in 1st person – only the second story I’ve done so – and so I needed to work out a strong character sheet for it.

Normally I only work out my characters in-depth when I’m doing a large piece of fiction, but with this being such an intense and inward looking piece, I really needed to get inside the head of this character before I could start the story.

I received a telephone query from an interesting company concerning a freelance gig I went for a couple of weeks ago. They want me to write a press release and called to discuss their needs then invited me to send in some examples. Happy to do so, and it’s a corporate company from London so if I play my cards right I’m hoping it could turn into a regular gig.

Last weeks launch of the third issue of the Ranfurly Review was the most successful ever. The magazine had supposed to be launched on Sunday night but was delayed because of Rome, but that didn’t stop the unique daily hit count on the website rising to one weeks worth of hits in a day.

Once the magazine was announced and launched on Monday, the hits soared for the rest of the week. Normally we are looking at an average of 70 per week just now, a figure that is steadily growing as the months progress. To get 270 is quite a jump on the scale.

I prepared some cuttings and printed them off as a PDF to make gig pitching go swifter, and I also started putting together and new SOR contract for the summer. I approached a coffee shop owner in Tennessee I know with a view to stocking in the States, but as it turns out he’s not in that business any longer.

Scotland’s Treasure for July is taking shape, and I caught up with more RR Submissions. I also had to close to poetry submissions until November – I have more than I need to do me until next March so that’s that shut.

Checked the job listings – nothing much going – and did some more work on the sites for the new client. He’s got the hosting accounts setup so the first site should be up in the next couple of days.

Absolutely shattered so off to bed to do some reading and get a decent kip.

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About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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1 Response to A Busy Man’s List

  1. What a great day’s work – -hope you’re feeling proud of yourself!

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