Angry Streets

Angry StreetsEver noticed how sometimes the streets are calm and relaxed, people go about their business and there isn’t much friction? Then other times you can smell the tension in the air, the frustration of the people and it boils over into crazy driving, pedestrian pedantics, and general madness – like today. The amount of crazies on the way into the day job today was a real pain; I was glad to get there in one piece after dodging cars, buses, prams, and future trams.

When I lived in Glasgow it was worse, I think that was mostly because it’s a much more concentrated city. Having more people to every square mile creates a different atmosphere, and when the city was in a bad mood, you really could smell the fear on the streets. It only happened every few weeks or so, but in those days I was relieved to get back home at the end of the day. But in the same way, when Glasgow relaxed and wasn’t at odds with itself, it really was the best place in the world to live and be single.

The Boston Globe carries an article by David Mehegan about authors rebelling against the one book per year schedule. Apparently, top-selling authors moaning about the pressure they are under with some refusing to comply.

It is probably the case that I don’t know all there is to know about what is involved in the life of a novel writer throughout the year, with marketing, promotion, and of course writing all to be scheduled in, but it appears to be that they have the golden egg and now they don’t like the shape of it.

What they shouldn’t forget, is that there are 1001 other writers out there who are more than willing to take their place. One book per year? Yeah, it’s a tough call, but nothing that’s worthwhile is easy.

Ranfurly Review issue 4 is complete! All the contributors have been selected and their contracts prepared and ready to go out. Now I need to go over their manuscripts with a fine toothcomb.

I completed the second draft of next month’s Scotland’s Treasure column for the SDR summer edition. It’s late getting done this time because I’ve not had much to write about.

I fired out some queries for some new gigs, both writing and web, and did some more work setting up the first of my new clients websites.

Progress is nowhere near as fast this month as I would like it to be. I need to really pick up the pace over the next week or so.

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2 Responses to Angry Streets

  1. I don’t think writers should be locked into a one book a year thing. Some books take longer. Nor do I think they should be forced to do 2-5 books a year, as some of my acquaintances are.

    Each book is individual. A series genre book, once the series is mapped out, takes less time to write than a massive historical novel.

    Plus, if writers were allowed to WRITE the book a year, and not expected to carry every aspect of the publisher’s job along with them, like promotions, appearances, etc., it wouldn’t be such an issue. Too many publishers expect the writer to perform all aspects of the job instead of what writers are supposed to do, which is write.

  2. Hey Col! I know what you mean by the city being at odds with itself. It just seems like the only way to explain the collective bad day that occurs occasionally in a place where many people utilize the same energy.

    Good luck with the pace – I’m just winding down, so maybe I’ll shift my “pace” your way!

    The Mystery Maiden
    Shot In The Dark

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