A Minor Stiffy

Stiff - a plank of woodI was quite stiff this morning from all my exertions in the garden over the weekend, but the good news is there was no pain whatsoever in my leg/hip. The stiffness was just from lazy muscles getting used again and my general low level of fitness, as opposed to me being injured. It still feels good to be able to walk, stretch, and jump around without there being any pains though.

I went for lunch with some work mates – old and new – at Tex Mex II in Thistle Street. After last night’s Whale at the Peacock Inn it was probably not the best thing to do, but it was delicious and a one-off meeting so c’est la vie.

Took care of some business over lunch also – banking cheques, booking a train, and responding to a query from TLB about a new gig they want to involve me in. It appears to be more of a PR/sales role, so unless the money is shit hot over a fixed term, I might be a bit reluctant to take it on. I’m a writer, not a door to door salesman. On saying that, if the money IS right I could be persuaded for a month or two.

I got my SOR contract almost finalised. Maybe another check over or two and it will be fully ready to go into use, but I can start preparing now for a new assault on some local and not so local business I want to be involved with now I know the legalities of what I’m planning.

Did some more work on Slick and a lot of work for one of my website clients; the photographer who needs to get pictures of a recent client’s wedding uploaded. There’s something wrong either with my FTP client or my broadband connection because uploading files over 200k keeps hitting problems where it never used to.

The website work took me late into the evening so I never got any more done on Slick, which is a shame, because I hit a nice seam of creativity with some of the description re-works.

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About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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1 Response to A Minor Stiffy

  1. I’m so glad the leg is better. Isn’t it nice to be able to move without being in agony?

    That’s why I’m obsessed with the staff at Napier’s!

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