All Happening Down At The Flix

The Happening - Mark WahlbergIt is kind of remarkable that after a few weeks away from Slick how much I love reading it again. I’ve lost count how many revisions the manuscript has seen, yet each time I enjoy it more and more. If I’m being honest it’s because I love the story I’ve created and the characters within it, and that each time I read it, it gets better. If I’m being arrogant, it’s because it’s so good it’s one of the books one wants to read again and again and never put down and agents and publishers are going to fight over it. One can dream.

I stayed up too late working out my book festival hit list and slept in today as a result. Not only that, the bus was well late and I was lucky to get a desk by the time I got into the day job. On checking my email before leaving the house, though, I found out that I won’t be interviewing John Kinsella this August after all – he’s pulled out of the festival due to other commitments, which is a shame, but what can you do?

I’m allowed to mention one of the websites I finished creating recently; the one for the “Edinburgh-based photographer” – my wife, Gail. Pop over and take a look at her new website, and remember to drop her a wee email to say hi. Her stuff is pretty good – check the gallery out and see what she did to me!

Gail Galbraith Photography

Two people asked what books I’m going to (attempt to) read while on holiday, so here’s my shortlist for Rhodes:

  • The Bridge by Iain Banks
  • Laidlaw by William McIlvanney
  • The Plague by Albert Camus
  • Laviathan by Paul Auster
  • Black and Blue by Ian Rankin
  • Don Quixote by Cervantes

I can’t take them all, so I’ll narrow it down to about three later on. That last one will probably raise a few eyebrows, though I may have to take an extra suitcase purely for it alone.

I met my sister, Lindsay, after work since she was through in the Burg for a training course with her work. We went for a coffee and then took in a movie at Ocean Terminal – The Happening with Mark Wahlberg. Not one of his better movies, with poor acting and a predictable, rushed story. Worse still, was the encroaching microphone in the scene at the fake house – unforgivable and turned what could have been a good idea of a film into a laughing stock.

Good to get out to the cinema again, though, and good to catch up with my wee sister.

Slick Final Editing (Chapters)
Slick Final Editing (Chapters)

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1 Response to All Happening Down At The Flix

  1. Binny says:

    Good to see you too bro 🙂

    ps Apparently the Hulk is good… should of seen that after all!

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