Rent-a-Tent Man

Rent-a-Tent Man (not me)This supposed “wind down” before holiday season isn’t working out as planned; I’m as exhausted as ever and feel like all I want to do is close my eyes for a month. On the bus to the day job this morning, I went most of the way with my eyes closed, wishing I could bypass the tired buzzing in my head and just go to sleep. It’s only the knowledge that in a couple of days I’ll be in Blackpool with my mate and then off to Rhodes for a fortnight’s relaxation that’s keeping me going – well, that and the motivation to get to the end of Slick.

Anyway, I got a lot done. I had to sacrifice my Writers’ Group in the evening because I really want to get Slick complete, and I also had to get most of my holiday clothes sorted out for Blackpool and Rhodes. Total pain that last bit but it had to be done.

The main problem I have is because I’ve lost so much weight, most of my good clothes hang off me now and I look like I’m wearing clothes bought from Rent-a-Tent. On the plus side there is a whole bag of clothes that were bought for me that I’ve never been able to get into before – that I can now. Most of them have gone out of fashion now but I never was into that anyway. I much prefer looking like a tramp. People leave me alone that way, LOL!

Check this site out. It’s for people who want to read literary classics while their boss thinks they are hard at work:

Today had my final session with Ailis, my osteopath. Over the last few weeks she got my out of some major turmoil with my leg/hip, and thanks to her I was able to enjoy Rome and am now walking freely again. It’s a pain I’ll not forget in a hurry, so I’ll definitely be keeping up with my exercises and staying a well-stretched out bloke as much as I can. Combined with my weight loss, I’ve never felt better.

Slick Final Editing (Chapters)
Slick Final Editing (Chapters)

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1 Response to Rent-a-Tent Man

  1. Lara says:

    That is awesome, Colin! I’m glad to hear about your progress!

    I hope you get some sleep! And congrats on getting close to finishing SLICK!

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