Crack Open The Champers

Crack open the champers!As you might imagine there was a huge amount of happiness in the Galbraith family this morning. This is the first time we have had a new child come into the family by birth on our side, and it’s a fantastic feeling. Charlotte makes me an uncle for the second time, the first being to Kyle, whose parents are Gail’s brother and partner. I really cannot wait to see her.

At lunchtime I met up with Gail and we went round to some kiddie shops to buy some presents. I bought loads of little tiny clothes, cuddly toys, and a play mat that makes all kinds of noises and stuff. Then, as I was paying for it all, my mother rang to say we wouldn’t be able to see them tonight as they were keeping my sister in longer. The upshot is it is going to be Thursday now, and while I understood it was all for the best to allow my sister time to get over what was quite a traumatic birth by all accounts, I felt quite deflated that I was going to have to wait longer. It’s going to be a long time until Thursday evening.

Day job sucked. Too many do-gooders and rats scuttling around for my liking, and on a sunny day like we got today, I would have much rather been working outside somewhere.

I’ve struggled to do any work of any kind since my sister’s waters broke on Saturday morning. Concentration has been lacking and my mind drifting. I have managed to do some administration type stuff but not a lot.

Something really weird happened last week with my blog stats. Normally I receive an average of 120 individual visitors per day on this site. On Wednesday 16th, though, the day I returned from Rhodes, I received 2,608 individual visitor hits (not pageloads), with a further 694 on the Thursday! My weekly total, which is normally between 900 and 1000, was 3,705!!

Crack open the champers!

I’m aware I never got my monthly newsletter out at the start of the month, and as in keeping with Murphy’s Law, when I went to do it tonight that damn website was down. So it will need to be tomorrow.

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1 Response to Crack Open The Champers

  1. Congrats — and Charlotte is a beautiful name!

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