Think Of The Monkeys

Think of the monkeys!It was far too hot to sleep last night and the same to work in today. Temperatures are around 20 degs C here in Edinburgh, but it’s not sunny heat, it’s the clammy, close, humid type of heat, that causes you to sweat manky all the time. The worst is when you step out of the shower and get dressed, and before your shirt is buttoned you felt like shit because you can feel it already sticking to your back. A quick bout of rain will sort it out, but I wish if it was going to be warm it would be sunny instead of this overcast humidity we have to put up with.

I got through some more work today despite still being fully distracted by the birth of my new niece whom I have yet to meet. I started preparing the August newsletter, and ran through the 2nd draft of my Slick query letter and began the process or preparing the synopsis.

I also began transferring the new novella over from my notebook into my PC, while still taking notes and writing into the notebook itself at points. I also have some working title possibilities for it now – around a dozen which doesn’t make things easier. Sometime titles come in a flash, other times they don’t. C’est la vie.

And finally, a small request:

Does anyone fancy sponsoring me to launch myself off the side of the Forth Rail Bridge? I need to find a minimum of £100, but if I can get to £250 in sponsorship I’ve promised to do it in a monkey costume…..

Full (no pressure) details are here:

The charity is the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, so if you do decide to chuck a couple of quid into the pot, thank you in advance. No pressure though because I know how flippin’ annoying these requests can be. I won’t think any worse of you if you don’t. The monkeys might, though.

If you’d rather not sponsor me on-line, you can also do it by contacting me directly ( and making a pledge. Just send me your name, address (only if you want the tax to be reclaimed by the charity), and amount pledged. I’ll be in touch afterwards so long as I’m not lying in a semi-reverse star shape, with 112 broken bones and blood seeping out of my skull on the beach at South Queensferry.

Forth Rail Bridge - location for my October charity abseilMany people aren’t aware that the Edinburgh Zoo (owned by RZSS) is a registered charity and receives no government funding, so relies heavily on the generosity of supporters like yourself. And as you can see in the picture on the site, the monkeys are getting fed up with me feeding them burgers and chips all the time, and they need some better company than I can offer them.

Above all – THINK OF THE MONKEYS!! 🙂

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