Not So Tired

Not So TiredGot a good sleep last night and felt 100% better for it this morning. One cup of Douwe Egberts and a cool shower saw me back at the top of the world.

As I look over my GDR review for July, I keep giving myself into trouble for not getting much done this month. But I have to remember I was on holiday for the first two weeks and did more reading than writing during that time. Boy, it was a great holiday though; probably the best family holiday we’ve had, and speaking for myself and Gail, we both really needed it – more than we accepted we did before we went.

I’ve set up a spreadsheet a la NaNoWriMo with which to track my writing of Greener is the Grass. It’s going well. I’m still transferring from notebook to PC, but the story is working through at the notebook end as well. I’m still not sure what the length of it will be, but as I said before, I’m not placing a limit on this one. I’ll simply market it as it is when it’s complete.

It was very warm in the day job today – metaphorically as well as physically. Too warm at times to be able to concentrate, but I was in a good mood for most of it, which was unusual.

I got some good work done on the new book, and a lot more work done on some outstanding website related business. The Bulgarian property site I’m working on is almost complete. I had hoped to get it uploaded this evening but I ran out of time.

Came across a couple of belting freelance gigs to go for. These are the kind that require extra-special attention be paid to the applications so I’ll not rush them in, but not dilly-dally either.

Check this creepy TV tower in Prague – see if it doesn’t give you the heebe-geebees!

Greener is the Grass (Writing)
Greener is the Grass (Writing)

Hunting Jack (Editing)
Hunting Jack (Editing)

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2 Responses to Not So Tired

  1. Good stuff. Sounds like everything is moving along well.

    I think I might skip Nano this year.

  2. Lara says:

    Someone sucked their faces off! UGH!!!

    Have fun with the writing!

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