Lost, But Excited

Which way?I should have taken an extra hour in bed this morning. I wanted to get in to the day job early, though, so I could print off Devon’s latest book, Hex Breaker (out now from http://www.firedrakesweyr.com priced $4), when I found myself lost and confused within the building I use for my day job.

I hopped into the lift as the doors were closing, and got out at what I assumed was the second floor. I grabbed a coffee from the machine and turned the corner, only to realise I didn’t recognise where I was. I’d only got off on the wrong floor and was one too high! So I jumped back in the lift and went down a floor. Then promptly realised I still didn’t have a clue where I was.

The building has its floors around the perimeter of the building, with the restaurant and lifts in the centre cavity. It means you can look inside the building and see all the floors opposite and around you. When I took a look where I was, I found I was on the floor underneath where I should have been! I went back up and finally found my seat before my roll and sausage got cold. What I’d done was turn the wrong way. The building is symmetrical but at a squint, meaning that if you go one way it looks almost the same as the other – making finding your way about a whole lot of fun.

It had finally stopped raining when I got up this morning. For a little over two solid days and nights, it has simply poured and poured, putting a strain on all the nation’s rivers, lochs, dams, and reservoirs. While I’m a fan of the rain, I’m glad to see it finally ease up because it was getting ridiculous. It also scares my rabbits and means they stay in all the time instead of getting some exercise.

Got through a LOT of work on Hunting Jack, but also, thankfully, on Greener is the Grass. I just went with it, and found a lot of coming out in dialogue. Through my mind I’m being reminded from lessons past, just to get the story out on paper. I’ll then go back through it and work at getting the descriptions right as well as correcting my deviations in first pov.

Went to bed reasonably early and did some reading. Tomorrow sees the start of the Edinburgh International Book Festival for 2008. I’ll be at the 25th Anniversary Opening Event in the morning, followed by Alex James at lunchtime and a seminar in the early evening called, How To Make a Publisher Say Yes.

It promises to be a great day and I’m more excited this year than any other year I can remember.

Greener is the Grass (Writing)
Greener is the Grass (Writing)

Hunting Jack (Editing)
Hunting Jack (Editing)

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1 Response to Lost, But Excited

  1. Adam Pearson says:

    You could send some of the rain down here!

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