Quick Check-In

Quick Check-InJust a quick check-in today; my workload has peaked to maximum and my CPU is running at 101% just now. The good thing about it is I’m writing like a crazy person, ensuring I hit my personal deadlines so as to give me the chance to meet the big ones. So far, it’s working.

It occurred to me today that I’ve managed to keep last years NaNoWriMo working practice of starting the day at 5am, and reaching a mini deadline by the time I leave for the day job, right through the year. Other than when I’ve been on holiday or taken some writing leave, I’ve kept to this rule of thumb so much it’s become my way of life rather than something I do just to fit in a couple of extra hours writing each day. If I wake up at 6:30am I’m pissed off because I’ve “slept in” and have missed a whole hour from my novel. This November should be a breeze.

And so to today. By 7am I had checked my email, posted yesterday’s blog entry, written my 2k quota on GitG, and written two of the articles for my freelance assignment. Howzat for productivity? I took an extended lunch and drafted the remaining six articles into shape, so that they are all in the position of being at the final editing and polishing stage. The I.T. articles came out faster than a snail on a greasy slope; it’s something I would do at my day job and know like the back of my hand. And I began work on the next draft of my Slick synopsis purely to change the direction of my brain for a while as it was beginning to tire.

After work I took an hour out to gather myself then got to work on Gail’s laptop for a while. There’s problems with the network adapter, which for some reason has decided simply jot to work. I’ve tried reloading the drivers, resetting the BIOS, reseating the card, and all the usual stuff you would check on a wireless network – nothing. Apparently it’s a known error with HP, and had I known this before I purchased this particular laptop I would never have gone for it. The last thing to try is installing new wireless software and using the external USB receiver on my PC, but I’ll need to find my Ethernet cable first otherwise I won’t be able to connect. There’s aye something.

Quite a day, and tomorrow will be more hectic, but it’ll be worth it.

Greener is the Grass (Writing)
Greener is the Grass (Writing)

Stella (Re-Working)
Stella (Re-Working)

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1 Response to Quick Check-In

  1. adam says:

    Yes, busy busy boy, lots of production and seems like you’re getting a buzz from it which is good. Sorry to hear about the laptop, hope you can get it fixed.

    I’m working on Vista now and to my surprise find it quite forgiving and – gasp! – reliable.

    Computer breakdowns – reminds me of my grandma’s saying – “money isn’t everything but it is handy when you go shopping”. So it is with computers, a right pain when they pack up and you don’t have one. I’ve had a few disasters and now back up everything important every day to an external drive.

    Hooroo for now. [Aussie dictionary might be handy …)

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