My Latest Epiphany


Life imitates art in the saddest of ways sometimes. A young girl has died in a swimming pool while on a Mediterranean island, reflecting almost exactly the tragic event that I am currently writing about in my novel, . When I saw the headline staring up at me from someone’s newspaper lying on a desk in the day job, I almost dropped my coffee.

Good news concerning Hunting Jack: it’s made it through the slush pile and is with the editors. I’ve been advised this next part of the process will take at least a month, so it’ll be mid-October before I’m likely to hear anything further. Fingers crossed again!

I completed my daily quota for Greener is the Grass easily, and found myself resentful at having to stop to work to move onto my freelance assignments. The story was flowing well – really well – and it got to the point where I had to stop in order to complete the articles. It was a tough call, but it had to be done.

I think the reason I didn’t want to stop, as well as being in the zone, was that I had the epiphany that comes with writing stories in the ‘drive by night’ method. It’s only happened to me when I’ve been working on a crime or mystery piece, which is what this novella is, and it’s a cracker. It’s the story’s twist and arc link all in one. All I need to do now is write it down correctly.

The eight articles for my contract client were completed to my satisfaction, but I held onto them as long as possible before sending so I could triple-check them. I still have them as I write this, and I’ll give them one more final polish in the morning before I leave for my weekend away.

United We StandSpeaking of which, I left myself with no time to pack so I’ll have to do that tomorrow morning. We won’t be leaving until lunchtime so I’ll post a quick entry before then with any news.

I can’t let today’s entry pass without remembering the events that took place in New York 7 years ago today. For us Brits, September 11th, 2001 represents a day when our nation moved a whole lot closer to our cousins in the United States. Like old friends we’ve had our differences, but in the face of what transpired that day, those differences seemed to amount to nothing much of anything. The British people stood up and voiced their support for the people of the US, just as we continue to do today.

United we stand.

God Bless America.

Greener is the Grass (Writing)
Greener is the Grass (Writing)

Stella (Re-Working)
Stella (Re-Working)

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2 Responses to My Latest Epiphany

  1. Congrats on HUNTING JACK!

  2. adam says:

    Checking is good. You’re off somewhere – Ameriky? Good luck, have fun.

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