Calton Hill At Night

Calton Hill at nightEdinburgh drivers really are amazing breeds. This morning, after navigating the maze of coned off lanes and temporary roundabouts that is Leith Walk, my bus made it to York Place, which in itself is not exactly free of tram words. One third of the way along a snippy, egocentric woman stopped her car in the middle of the road, effectively cutting off the bus in front of me, but also all the other traffic behind her. She then leapt out and castigated the driver of the bus in front, and when the horns started sounding, began mouthing off at the other drivers.

I was so happy so to finally be in the presence of the person that actually owns the Edinburgh road system. What a joy it was to see her remonstrate over the bus driver’s poor driving, which gave her licence to hold up half of York Place, Elm Row, Leith Walk, and London Road. The selfish c0w simply got in her car after several minutes of this, and drive off to a clear road in front of her.

In Glasgow this simply would not happen. Oh yes, the roads would be blocked as they were in this example, but instead of seeing someone shout through the glass in a pathetic attempt to frighten the other driver, you would get a proper fight that would make the fact you were now running late worthwhile.

Devon made a good point in her comment to yesterday’s post, regarding the budgeting of words for the aggregate amount of work that a writer has to do. The daily 3k I set myself is purely for the progress of GitG, but of course, over and above that is any articles I am working on for clients, this blog, other blogs, columns, and everything else that needs written. I think I tend not to think about those “extra” commitments so I don’t get myself depressed! But they are always there, and never more so when a deadline looms.

While I came to the reality that I tend not to let my spouse see my work (well, not until it is completed anyway), never let it be said I don’t support my wife’s artistic endeavours. When I should probably have been writing hard this evening, I found myself on the top of Calton Hill with Gail as she took some sunset pictures of Edinburgh for a competition she is entering.

Normally I would have just let her get on with it, but I wanted to see it for myself anyway, and if anyone reading this knows About Calton Hill after sunset, it’s not the kind of place one would let their wife saunter around after dark on her own with an armful of expensive camera gear. She got some great shots looking down over the bright lights of Princes Street and across towards the Castle, so hopefully the trip was fruitful. By the end of it, though, I was glad to get in the car and back into civilisation. It really is not the place to be after dark, and the presence of the police van in the car park did little to take my edge away; nor did the intimidating bloke with the aggressive nature who was hanging around near Nelson’s Monument.

We got back in time to get some dinner and I posted the article written for my contracted client to Six Nations Rugby Spotlight. Mission accomplished.

Greener is the Grass (Writing)
Greener is the Grass (Writing)

Stella (Re-Working)
Stella (Re-Working)

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