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TaggedDid I have a hangover today? Yes, you bet! Not even a filled roll and copious amounts of coffee was enough to life that sickly feeling and sore head. The bus driver did little to help either, by charging the double-decker bus into each and every speed bump, and racing along every road with cobbles.

The day job was slow and painful. I met Gail at lunchtime, which was nice, and I got the ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Her friend and business partner was coming over and I said I would cook for them so they could get on undisturbed. Good plan, until on my way home I realised half way down Leith Walk that I had left said bag of ingredients under my desk at the day job.

Total drama then ensued, as I jumped off the bus and hopped on another back up Leith Walk, and then raced to my office. The time I was meant to collect Laura had well passed by the time I got back on another bus to take me home, and of course, as Sod’s Law would have it, the rain came on.

I made it back but I was late by 45 minutes.

Dinner was lovely, if I don’t say so myself. I made my signature dish: Marzetti with garlic bread. There was enough left over for another meal, which I’ll have tomorrow or Friday. Chef’s privilege.

I did a lot of reading today, both in research, books, and submissions. And I’m getting excited to the point it’s becoming harder to concentrate on the things I need to be concentrating on. I just know that any day now my email inbox will hold the yay or nae answer for Hunting Jack’s. I have such a good feeling based on previous correspondence and with the direction the publisher I have submitted to is going, I am very confident.

Also, it’s increasingly hard not to want to work permanently on my NaNoWriMo novel. Lennox is standing in the wings winking at me, and I have so many great ideas rumbling around the stage it’s getting ridiculous.

Adam: Thanks for your awesome comment posts of late. For info, the “lassie” singing A Man’s a Man for a’ That at the opening of the Scottish Parliament, was the Scottish folk singer Sheena Wellington. More information here.

I got tagged by Brenda Birch, a 25-year old published author from the United States, and a good pal of mine. Two in as many weeks; whatever next?

If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?

Mopsy and Pippin are rabbits and are also my wee girls. And while my other girls – the human ones – might not see it like that, they are definitely part of the family. Why, they get birthday and Christmas presents just like everyone else!

If you could have a dream come true, what would it be?

Writing full-time would be a waste of a wish because I know I’m going to achieve it, and a lifelong supply of coffee would probably ruin my love for the drink. Spending a night with Gwyneth Paltrow would probably fair quite highly, but then Gail would chop off my testicles if I did, so I’d lose out in the long run. I reckon happiness for those I love would be my choice.

What is the one thing most hated by you?

Ignorance, and as a result, an unwillingness to learn. That can cover a whole multitude of things, from those who speak out as if they deserve to be listened to when they haven’t done the research, to those who live off society instead of contributing to it, to those who commit crimes against good people and destroy their happiness, all because they blame everyone else for their own unhappiness and crap situation, instead of getting off their arses and bettering it for themselves.

What would you do with a billion dollars?

The current exchange rate puts that that at roughly £282,135,261.49

So here’s the breakdown:

49p – bar of chocolate for myself, probably a Yorkie or a Caramac
£82,135,261 to various charities
£100,000,000 to be divided up between my family members (Parents, two sisters, and daughter, i.e., 25 mil each)
£100,000,000 for me and Gail to go partying, travelling, buy better photographic equipment and better PC to write on.

That’s correct, I wouldn’t stop writing if I had one billion of anything.

What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?

A cuddle. A real, bear hugging, no gaps allowed cuddle.

Choose one letter of your name and come up with a word to describe yourself.

I’m going to do them all; hope that’s ok:

C – Cuddly
O – Obstinate
L – Laughs-a-lot
I – Indomitable
N – Novelist

What’s your bedtime routine?

After my nightly three hours of Olympic, award winning sex, I’ll usually make some tea and do some reading to chill out. Maybe I’ll watch a film or if I’ve been working a lot I’ll put the light out straight away.

What kind of books do you buy?

Paper ones with words on the inside. Sorry. I buy a mixture of books, from authors I am fans of to authors I consider my contemporaries. I buy books if I am researching something I will use in my books over and over, such as the ones I have in my office about forensics or how a body decays. I buy crime books – real life and fiction – and I buy poetry.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

I want to be out of this corporate hole. In reality, if it was a hole I would be half way up the inside wall at the moment. I’m nearing the light; I’m close enough I can smell it. But the closer I get to the top the slippery it seems to get and narrower the hole appears. But I know I’ll do it eventually. Where do I want to be if not in that hole? Writing full-time and being successful at it, with my wife and daughter by my side, my bunnies all healthy and sprightly, and with a dog, possibly a Westie or a Scottie, or maybe even a Collie.

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Brenda is a beautiful and caring woman. She’s self-sacrificing, devoted and strong willed. She is a fantastic author, and speaking as one of her readers as well as a friend, she may not see it just now, but she is destined for great things with her writing. visit her website and read some of her work.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I’m tempted to say open my eyes or turn off the alarm. After that, though, I’ll take a shower then make some coffee. I need to get a percolator so I can make the good stuff, since all I have is instant at the moment. I miss the taste of Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee, which I brought back from Jamaica when I visited. You will never taste a more beautiful coffee.

What’s your favourite food?

Too hard to answer. I love Italian the Italian ethos of enjoying a meal, and the whole gathering of a group of people to share in the food and drink, talk and discussion and laughter, and then a party. It’s the nearest to describing a Galbraith clan get-together. As far as food goes, though, other than Italian my favourite types of food are Indian dishes, some Mexican, Sushi and French I adore, and I tried some Palestinian food while in Cyprus a couple of years ago and was very impressed, so I want more of that. There isn’t a food I don’t like or wouldn’t give a try, to be honest.

Formal Wear or Casual Wear?

Casual. I don’t mind dressing up for an occasion but it’s a rigmarole I’d rather do without. When I die I don’t want black at my funeral, I want casual and colourful. I want people to have a party and celebrate my life, to get pi$$ed and party and remember me for who I am, not the box of dust I’ll have become. Yes; definitely casual.

Sports: Football or baseball?

If, by football, you mean American Football, then neither, although I would be interested to go to see a baseball game. I used to go to British football matches but once I settled down with a family that all became a touch too expensive to do every week. I don’t watch sports much any more and I don’t watch a lot of television full stop. Occasionally I’ll tune in to watch a cup final or other major sporting event, but I have too much writing to do these days to find time for it.

What do you consider your guilty pleasure?

I don’t really know. Does using real people who have hurt me or got me angry in really life, as characters in a story just so I can harm them or kill them count? Hmmmm – tricky. I’m not that complicated when it comes to these things. And I’m not that daft I’m going to admit to everything I do when a policeman or judge could be reading this. I suppose when it comes down to it I like wearing thongs. I have various designs, you see: black leather, red sequined, and leopard skin.

I’m tagging: Jamaican Dawta and Michelle.

Stella (Re-Working)
Stella (Re-Working)

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  1. Brenda says:


    I won’t comment on the award winning sex.

  2. adam says:

    Colin, thanks for the link to that … lassie, heh heh.

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