Prizes Galore

Prizes galoreWell I never won the PSH Poetry Contest last night, and I never even came close. The winning entries were superb and fully deserved their plaudits, though, and their work overshadowed mine by a huge margin. I did kind of get a mention when Rick mentioned the countries out with the USA that had submitted entries, of which Scotland was one of only a small number.

The good thing about this contest is everyone gets a prize. Donations of all kinds are made in advance so that everyone who enters gets a prize at the end of it. The top three winners share the cash prize and the rest of us get sent a donated prize just for taking part. I donated four prizes this year: three packages consisting of 1 copy of Fringe Fantastic and 1 e-book of Poolside Poetry. These packages will be winging their way to my assigned winners who are located in Los Angeles, Pittsburg, and Broadmoor Village, all in California, USA.

My fourth donation has proved to be the most interesting: a feature in the Ranfurly Review consisting of a selection of the
poet’s work, an interview, and inclusion of any associated artwork/photography, including the front cover.

Why is this interesting? Because the recipient was also the overall winner of the contest – Dawn O’Leary, from California. What a superb scoop for the Ranfurly!

Of course, as a participant in the contest with a couple pf poems myself, I also get a couple of prizes. In an email that arrived shortly after the show finished, I was told to expect:

* Brick Cave Media – 1 $10 Gift Certificate to the Brick Cave Media Online Store

* Chocolate Waters – 1 copy of the book Ladies and Gentlemen: the Hudson Pier Poets by various (mostly NY) poets


As if by way of balancing out all the good feeling and news of today, however, Lothian Buses pulled the worst stunt on me – ever! I got to the bus stop in plenty of time to get home for Laura coming back from school, but almost half an hour later I had resigned myself to the fact the bus wasn’t going to turn up, and I blamed it on the tram works that are plaguing the city just now.

I decided to wait for the next bus, which I thought was due along in about five minutes. Then a van pulled up and a man wearing a Lothian Buses coat got out and started fiddling with the board that holds the timetable.

He removed the clear plastic shield off the front and changed the timetable.

That’s when I found out the service I was waiting for – the number 13 – had been cancelled for the half of the route I rely on it for. There is NO number 13 service to Leith any longer; I was waiting for a ghost bus that was never going to come.

Apoplexy pretty much describes my reaction at this point. Anger, rage, the fires of hell itself surged forth from my stomach and polluted the street. Of all the things to do! I knew they were thinking about doing it – I published it a while back on this very blog – but they never definitively said when! And I sure as hell never saw any signs on the bus.

It was over an hour before I got home. Laura wasn’t that bothered, but I am left the problem of finding a new route to and from work in the fastest time possible, and with road works on every corner, it seems pretty unlikely I’ll do it in the 30 minutes I’ve been used to.

I can’t seem to keep Lennox and Co. at bay. When I wrote Slick my intention had been to write a crime novel from the criminal’s perspective, and to bring in DI Lennox gradually so it would act as an introduction to him, and see if he would work as a character in his own story. It all worked well, because he doesn’t dominate and the book kept the balance I was aiming for. Also, I set the story up so that Lennox leaves the MIT in London to join CID in Edinburgh; Leith to be exact.

So, when we join Lennox in the novel I am going to start writing for NaNoWriMo next month, not only will he be landed his first case in Scotland as a copper, but he will also be moving to Edinburgh to live and work, be torn away from Mulholland, and have to build a new network of relationships in a city he has forgotten and is unknown. So it is going to be a complicated time for him, but a fun time for me, and hopefully, all of you.

Some of the more eagle-eyes readers of this blog will have noticed that Danny De Vito was present at the dinner I attended at the Scottish Parliament last week. This was, of course, a red herring, which was stuck into my recollection of the evening in order to prove a point to my father, who believes practically everything he reads.

There was, of course, no Danny De Vito, who has about as much to do with Scottish education and politics as I do with ladies shoes and make-up. The power of blogging is about as powerful as the press it would seem. Sorry father; I rest my case.

Finally, congratulations to St. Mirren for beating the “mighty” Rangers 1-0 at Love Street yesterday, thanks to a magnificent left-foot curler from substitute Stephen McGinn. It’s the first time in 22 years they’ve done so and deserve to enjoy the moment.

£317.30 already raised!! On Sunday 5th October I abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge in aid of the charity that runs Edinburgh Zoo, the RZSS. You can still help by donating a few pounds by visiting my sponsorship page at:

Stella (Re-Working)
Stella (Re-Working)

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2 Responses to Prizes Galore

  1. Mum says:

    Poor Dad, he certainly didn’t fall for your “nightly three hours of Olympic, award winning sex”!

  2. adam says:

    Well, I never believed the Danny De Vito claim, and now I will have to comb your blog for red herrings. Bugger. 🙂

    God that is awful about the buses – public transport can be a nightmare.

    Cool that you got these prizes. Brick Cave Media sounds interesting – I’ll go and check it out now.

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