RMT Union Revolt(ing)

RMT Union strike action

There are some awesome sunrises to be seen from my home office window in the mornings at the moment. All kinds of oranges and pinks rolling across the sky above, like candy floss spilling out of the heavens. I only wish I could get a decent picture of it to show you.

My bus nightmare is still continuing. It’s almost as if Lothian Buses are going out there way to piss me off more than anyone else in the city, but surely that can’t be the case? Don’t mention commuting to those travelling on the tracks today – there’s ANOTHER strike by the RMT, the first of two 24 hours walkouts. I’ve lost count how many times they’ve walked out over he past few years.

I think I’m not alone in this opinion, but the RMT have taken the art of striking to new heights. They’ll do it over the slightest thing and it’s us lot who suffer. This time it’s over rosters! They don’t get my sympathy and they don’t get my vote. They should get back to work and get on with it like everyone else in the country. If they don’t like their jobs they should get other ones, because there’s plenty of people down at the job centre that would do what they do for half of what they earn. What they don’t get is that by abusing their right to strike, they remove the impact it has on them and other unions, as well as diluting the public sympathy that they need to take on the boardrooms.

Things were mega busy in the day job today. My head was buzzing by the time I got home but after some dinner and a rest, I got back into my work and managed to complete the re-write of Stella. It has come in at 22,000 words, a fair bit short of my original target, but 6,000 words longer then the first version. I totally re-wrote the final chapter, deciding to ditch the fantasy conclusion that was pretty pathetic now that I had read it again. The new ending is much more rounded but still has a surprise element – I think. It reads better and is more marketable, that much I do know, and I’m much happier with it.

I seem to have a lot of problems with endings. I’m great at launching off, tend to sag in the middle but now as much as I used to now I know how to handle it, but endings – I’m always crap at them unless I really know where I’m going. I suppose that’s all part of the fun of writing, but it can lead to some frustrations when it doesn’t work first time.

With that done I can start to polish it up and turn my attention to working out what I’m going to do with Gatecrash, starting the next draft of it, and thinking more about next month’s NaNoWriMo novel – the return of Lennox.

£317.30 already raised!! On Sunday 5th October I abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge in aid of the charity that runs Edinburgh Zoo, the RZSS. You can still help by donating a few pounds by visiting my sponsorship page at: https://rzss.workwithus.org/Fundraising/Donate.aspx?page=4212

Stella (Re-Working)
Stella (Re-Working)

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1 Response to RMT Union Revolt(ing)

  1. Lothian Buses and Metro North must be run by twins.

    I agree that unions shouldn’t abuse their right to strike, although there are plenty of times when strikes are the only way to get management’s attention, by giving them a financial hit. Unfortunately, unions need to hire better writers to bring their causes to the public.

    It never ceases to amaze me how polite European unions are about strikes, letting you know ahead of time. Here in the US, there’s no advance warning.

    Of course, half the time, public transportation isn’t running and they don’t tell you why, but it has nothing to do with unions!

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