Head Above The Waterline

Head above the waterline

I’m still managing to stay clear of the water level, though I get the odd wave that almost throws me off my feet. Having the afternoon off for child care duties helped out enormously today. Laura went shopping with her pal and her Dad, which gave me quiet time in the house to just get on with the list of work that has been growing and growing despite my battle to hack it back down.

As a result, today was a very productive and satisfying day. Day job in the a.m. was hectic and I got through a lot there also, so maybe something was in the water.

To summarise, I complete draft 11 of the Slick synopsis, which I’ve added onto my list temporarily until I get it into two pages. It was at 12 originally, so don’t be too hard on me. I got the first drafts of the four new article assignments researched and written. Drug addiction and rehabilitation is something I’m getting to grips with since my last stint writing articles on the subject a few weeks ago. I sent off a few gig queries and did some good work on some ideas I had for my NaNoWriMo novel.

I forgot to mention – again with the forgetting – something that happened yesterday. I visited Laura’s School Open Day in the afternoon before collecting her for an appointment, when something quite wonderful happened. I was walking round the corridors looking at the art the kids had created on the walls, when a wee girl, no higher than my waist with spectacles and blonde hair in a pony tail, dressed pristinely in the school uniform and clearly nervous, asked me if I was Laura’s Dad. I told her who I was and she asked if she could read me a poem she had wrote!

There I stood in the corridor, towering over this tiny wee lassie as she stood ever so proudly, her notepad held high up in front of face and her finger following the lines she had written. I don’t think I’ve ever been made to feel quite so honoured by one so small in my life, but I was. When she finished I told her it was excellent and she had read it very well – for a primary four schoolchild, it was quite special – and then off she went, bouncing and skipping back down the corridor.

And that single moment made my entire week.

There won’t be a post tomorrow because I’m going through to Glasgow to see the folks and to see Queen in concert. Normal service shall resume on S

Here’s some pictures from my trip to Cramond last Sunday evening to watch the sunset with Gail.

Cramond at Sunset
(click to enlarge)

£323.71 already raised!! On Sunday 5th October I abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge in aid of the charity that runs Edinburgh Zoo, the RZSS. You can still help by donating a few pounds by visiting my sponsorship page at:

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