Inbox Overflow

Inbox Overflowing

I got the early start I wanted and made good progress with the articles and final polishing of the Slick synopsis. That’s the novel ready to go out; time to check my lists.

Over my lunch break I read through my handouts for the workshops I am doing at this week’s MUSE Conference. I’ll have to do most of my interaction in the evenings, which is when I have managed to schedule most of my chats, but on the forum I’ll need to make best use of my time.

I tried to clear as much off my plate as possible before the Muse Conference began this week, but as it so often is for a freelancer, one cannot always predict when work is going to come in – and one certainly cannot turn it down. A further four article assignments came in as I was spending time on the Muse forum, meaning I now have 8 on the go. No complaints, though, I’m just going to have to work harder. Much harder!

I had to work late (almost 1am) to get everything done today, which was to be expected, I suppose. It’ll probably be this way all week unless I can somehow get ahead. The articles are going to be the tricky thing. If I can get them through the machine I can take some of the pressure off. I’ve been asked to do something on Saturday that would mean being away from the PC but would give me so much experience and opportunity for research for my next book, it’s going to be a tough call if I do it.

Day 1 of the Muse conference was very good. I made contact with a few Scottish people taking part, and networked a bit on the social side with other writers. On the workshop side I had no scheduled chats today but I did work on each of workshops, except one – which never had anything posted in it.

The workshops I think I’ll get the most out of are the ones we’ve been asked to think, develop, and work, and not just “listen”. The tutors that have a more open “voice” and are less scientific seem to work better. For me, I think these will be: Jane Bernard (Fine Tuning the Senses), Devon Ellington (Dialogue Worksop), and Patrika Vaughn (Common Problems in Manuscripts – formerly Fine Tuning Your Writing).

Elsewhere, I worked on my NaNo novel outline, wrote the first draft of my Queen review for the SDR Jan09 issue, checked the job listings (nothing), and helped Gail set up her new workplace.

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1 Response to Inbox Overflow

  1. Yeah, this is going to be A WEEK.

    Hmm, Saturday sounds like it’s worth it, even if it means frontloading a lot of the rest of the week.

    This week of forced intensive creativity will be good for us, although I think we’ll need to sleep in for a few days next week.

    Glad you find my workshop useful!

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