Zoolook by Jean Michel Jarre

Nice and cold this morning – perfect for listening to my new CD, a re-order of an album I had on cassette tape many years ago, but have not heard since. Zoolook was always my favourite Jean Michel Jarre album for its experimentation and unique, alien sounds. Much like Stella by Yello – which coincidentally was released around the same time – Zoolook created an entire story in my mind purely from the music, and as I listened this morning on the bus to the day job, so it returned with clarity and fondness.

I have an idea I’d like to develop this further, similar to what I did with Stella – but one thing at a time, eh Col?

I checked the Muse forums before leaving for the day job and there was some feedback from my tutors already. In a couple of cases, Tuesday’s assignments were already posted. They had to wait until the evening, though, because I forced a deadline on the two batches of articles I have on my books before I do anything else.

Deadlines met, I got down to my Muse conference workshops at around 9pm. I’m close to dropping a couple of the workshops because they are totally different to what was advertised, right down to the title, and in one instance the tutor has yet to show up. I made the time, why can’t they?

So I have a couple of interesting ones left, but Devon Ellington’s Dialogue Workshop is proving to be by far the most engaging and productive. I’m producing work as I get the assignments and learning along with them, which in my experience is the best way to learn. I’ve already got (possibly) the basis for two short stories – maybe even a flash – and a short story developing with DI Lennox.

It’s all great stuff and I’m not saying that just because I know Devon – it really is the best of the workshops I went for so part of that is down to fate. I’m disappointed the others aren’t so good.

In saying that, though, earlier in the evening I attended a chat with Penny Sansevieri on RedHot Internet Publicity and found that to be very useful. I made quite a lot of notes from what Penny had to say, and have a couple of ideas to move my site and blog into the bigger numbers.

And so – what a day! I got two blog entries written and posted, the 3rd draft of the first batch of the TLB articles completed, and the research and 1st draft of the second batch done. I worked on my NaNo novel outline, completed the final draft of the Queen review for SDR Jan09 issue, checked the job listings (nothing again), drafted a biography for Gail, tidied, dust, hovered and cleaned FOUR rooms in the house for Gail coming home with her friend, and also cooked everyone a lovely meal – Marzetti again because it was such a success last time.

I am available for hire at a pretty decent rate. Friends can have me for half price; friends of rabbits for free.

On the subject of friends, Devon Ellington has made her e-book, 30 Tips for 30 Days available for free download. If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year (or pondering it) have a read, because it will get you moving. She’s also published a new e-book called Sensory Perceptions: Techniques to Improve Your Writing Through the Six Senses, which is a 7-week course designed to improve to your writing skills, and an absolute steal at only $1.29! I said she should put the price up, so in case she listens to me you’d better get a copy NOW and be sure to tell everybody you know!

The new issue of The Scruffy Dog Review is out. The Autumn Issue has an interview with Backspace co-founder and author, Karen Dionne, some advice on dealing with editors from Devon Ellington, reviews of The Dickies and Tracey Emin by yours truly, and some wonderful fiction and poetry from our contributors.

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1 Response to Zoolook

  1. Thanks for all the kind words. I’m experimenting with a bunch of different price points for different things right now.

    And I’m glad the workshop is so helpful!

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