A Blown Head (No Jokes Please)

Head blows off

I needed to stir things up slightly this morning so I kicked things off by working on what I never managed to yesterday – the NaNo outline. And I’ve hit a snag that may have to wait until November before I attempt to discover why. I have a great premise and story, but I suddenly realised I have no suspects and absolutely no form of a potential motive. It’s a crime novel. The answers, I’m sure, will be found in a book that delves into Edinburgh’s ancient and murky past. In short: more research to cultivate the answers.

One of the good things developing out of the dialogue workshop is I’m working with Lennox again. If it became a short story I’m not sure where it would fit in with his timeline, but it’s good to be renewing my acquaintance with him in advance of writing a full length novel in less than a fortnight’s time.

I just realised while writing that last paragraph that I’m in Spain over the first day, possibly two, of November. The earliest I’m going to be able to make a start is night time on Sunday 2nd, so long as there are no flight delays, and I’m not dead to the world. That’s quite annoying; it’ll be the first time I’ve not begun NaNo at 5am on the first day.

I completed and submitted the first batch of 4 TLB articles (right on deadline), and will have the second batch ready for tomorrow (3 days in advance). I caught up with all the RR submissions despite knackering my tracking spreadsheet, and spent time in two chats at the Muse Conference.

Both chats were quite informative and although they took time out of my evening, I got a few decent notes down. The first was on book marketing – a few ideas there – and the second on creating memorable characters. Not so much to learn there, other than ideas for moulding my characters into three dimensional instead of one.

I never got my Wednesday assignment for the dialogue workshop completed on time. (Sorry Devon). I took the executive decision that I didn’t want to submit a piece of shite, so I stopped working on it. It was becoming too much on my brain and I needed to rest on it as I was making far too many stupid mistakes, even to the point of mistyping basic words. So tomorrow morning I’ll finish and submit it and do the Friday assignment, hopefully, before sunrise.

Right now I’m going to bed before my head blows off.

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About Colin Galbraith

Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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3 Responses to A Blown Head (No Jokes Please)

  1. adam says:

    Good work but don’t drive it too hard! From one who knows …

  2. I’m suffering from conference fatigue myself. My short story for yesterday is all sorted in my head, but the words get stuck before I can put them on paper, so I’ll do it today — and then do the next one as well.

    I’m late to the board anyway today — headed to the city and then I’ll play catch up. Gee, I’m not spending nine hours on the board, whatever will my students do. (yeah, that’s sarcasm).

  3. Binny says:

    remember your at mine over the 13/14th November too bro… 🙂

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