Submission Street

Submission Street

I’ve had a great day. Last night’s culinary treat and relaxation paid off dividends, as I woke this morning feeling great. I woke at a very reasonable time and had a most enjoyable breakfast with my wife. Laura, who has been at her friend’s for the entire weekend, left behind two calm and relaxed parents, both of whom made the best of having the place to themselves on a Sunday morning.

After breakfast Gail settled down into some work of her own related to yesterday’s afternoon event, while I got stuck into completing the workshop assignments for the Muse Conference. I had a couple of scenes to write on the extra curricular set of assignments, and the final all-encompassing one to build it all together. By the end of it I have a fully fledged short story involving the protagonist of the book I am to write for NaNo, D.I. Lennox.

Of the main set of assignments, I reckon I have the basis for at least four short stories, maybe six. Two of the stories could be novel extracts if not the extra two stories. I also have an abundance of new and interesting characters, and have learnt an awful lot about the construction of stories and using dialogue to move them along, build them, and create more vivid worlds.

The most important thing I learned was from the extra assignments where the Lennox short story was written: I don’t have to start writing a story at the start! It’s such a simple thing, and yet as I found this week, so extremely effective. The story, which is called The Big Taff Affair, started life in the middle scene, and the rest of the story was constructed around it. It all made sense, and it meant not having to worry about the blank starting page OR having to fear the middle sag – because it was already done!

I may not stop laughing over this discovery and talking to the walls in my office for quite some time.

In other things today, I packaged three copies of Fringe Fantastic for posting to California in the United States. It always feels good sending my books overseas, particularly for some reason, to America.

I had a flash if inspiration for a theme I’m gong to run through the NaNo novel; not a huge thing, but significant enough for it to be considered progress.

And to finish off with some really big news … Slick has hit Submission Street! The first query went out tonight, followed by a few others tomorrow that are all printed off and ready for posting. So officially, I have two novels on submissions right now. Yes, Hunting Jack is due for a final answer (so I was told) before the end of October. Fingers cross they come back before I go away on the 29th!

The Scruffy Dog Review – Autumn Issue OUT NOW!!

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1 Response to Submission Street

  1. Fantastic!

    I’m so glad you got a lot out of the exercises.

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