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My head was a veritable hive of buzzing nonsense today. After the intensity of last week’s Muse Conference, a high load of freelance work, and coping with a busy day job, I ended up sleeping in slightly this morning. Waking up to rain and gales battering the window didn’t enthuse me much either, so I relied on Gail and her trusty car to get me to work.

It took several cups of coffee and bleary wanders around the office before the numb tight-skinned feeling wore off my cheeks, and I managed to clear my eyes enough to see the keyboard in front of me. Aye, it was a busy week, so it was.

Over lunch I packaged and sent off the postal batch of my queries for Slick. I’ve written to two Edinburgh-based agents, one Leith-based publisher, and an Edinburgh-based publisher. Fingers crossed, because it means I now have TWO novels out on submission.

I started work on the final draft of my novella, Stella. This draft has to be a good one – it has to be THE one – it has to achieve what I set out to do instead of getting side-tracked with plot convergences that don’t work and aren’t true to the story. So, I’m taking this draft chapter by chapter, sentence by sentence.

I did some online research on the Black Plague in Edinburgh; downloaded a lot of interesting reading. I’m going to try and get up to the book shop at some point this week – may even be Saturday morning – to see what the have in the history section.

I managed to organise my first trip to the cinema this evening for the first time in 27 years. Okay, so it hasn’t been that long, but it’s been donkeys since I last went to the flix. I’d wanted to see the De Niro – Pacino movie, Righteous Kill, for a while but couldn’t make it with Gail. It’s kind of hard for the two of us to go together what with there being a minor in the house, so I went with Gail’s pal, Sam. Sam’s the tall blonde one, if you remember. It was a fun night. Movie wasn’t too bad either.

Stella (final draft by chapter)
Stella: Final Draft Work

The Scruffy Dog Review – Autumn Issue OUT NOW!!

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  1. I think we’re both suffering from post-conference fatigue.

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