Spongebob Squarepants

Today was all about Stella edits, and beating down the spongers. Spongers are people who want a favour from you, and after the first time you do it out the goodness of your heart they start to take advantage. They want favours more often, just a little help or advice, but worst of all, they assume you’ll do it with no questions asked.

Sorry, no. I don’t mind doing favours for people, in fact, I enjoy it. I like helping out friends with things I know about; usually PC stuff or website work, and occasionally it’s something literary – it’s not a problem. But when I feel someone is taking advantage it gets my back up. The thing is, I simply do not have the time to keep helping out with things that they could quite easily do for themselves. Pleading ignorance is one thing, but not being willing to educate oneself is quite another.

My office has become overrun once again. It’s like sitting in a cave in a library that sells fish. I had to spend a couple of hours tidying it up because I can’t have the place too messy or I can’t write in it. I need some sort of order. So I did some tidying, cleaning, and paper sifting, found. I found the aquarium; the fish are still going strong but looked surprised to see daylight shining in the tank.

I’m going to give the bookshelves and the shelves on the other wall a spring clean tomorrow. It won’t take long. I always do some amount of reorganising and straightening out before I start a new novel, especially before the intense whirlwind that is NaNoWriMo, which is now only nine days away.

Stella (final draft by chapter)
Stella: Final Draft Work

The Scruffy Dog Review – Autumn Issue OUT NOW!!

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