42: But What’s The Question?

42: But What’s The Question?
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It seems like more and more of my posts are beginning with the words: “Busy day today!” What can I say? They have been!

I got through a tonne of work with Stella and it looks like I’m going to make it. I’m moving into the area of the book that has seen the most recent changes made to it, and so there is less to change since I knew what I wanted to achieve by this point. That said, chapter 11 takes the abuse of the rule: ‘show, don’t tell’ to new absurdities and it needs quite a bit of work to bring it anywhere near up to scratch.

There were two sections in the book that brought out startling responses in me today as I read while editing. One of the twisted revelations that I’ve added is, even if I say so myself, pretty spectacular. On reading it over lunchtime today my hair actually stood on end. Then this evening I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the things I have my character Dr. Hirsch say and do. I think I’d like to do more with this guy because I kept laughing half an hour after I’d read it. One can only hope for the same response from the readers.

I have a dilemma with the NaNoWriMo novel: where to place Lennox in Edinburgh? I’m having to really delve into his character to decide where he would like to live, but of course, in these modern times simply purchasing a house or flat in the area of one’s choice in Edinburgh isn’t always possible. It’s quite simply too damned expensive … and on a coppers wage … you see what I mean.

Obviously he’s the type of guy that needs the stability of a decent pub to drink in, but as well as being a policeman he’s also a Glaswegian and the two things don’t often go down well in certain parts of this city. I’m going to have to think hard about what I do; it’s not like I can research the answer! I’ve got the answer – I just don’t know what the question is!!

Whatever I decide, the obvious and easiest answer won’t be the one. I want to test Lennox’s character out, see what he’s really made of. I want to push him and like I do with all my protagonists, run through the mill a few times to see what comes out the other side. Maybe I’ll just let him find out for himself as the book unfolds – I think that would be best – he doesn’t like being told.

Oh – my new look website will launch tomorrow at www.colingalbraith.co.uk – I’ll make a formal announcement tomorrow.

Stella (final draft by chapter)
Stella: Final Draft Work

The Scruffy Dog Review – Autumn Issue OUT NOW!!

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1 Response to 42: But What’s The Question?

  1. In the novel, is he fairly new to Edinburgh? Is this early in his tenure there? Perhaps he’s got a rental somewhere for this book until he finds the place in which he’ll live longterm?

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