It Just Never Happened

It Just Never Happened
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Day job today was positively manic. I came into work to a succession of overnight problems needing help with, and with my own major implementation of critical software going in throughout the day, it made for some pretty hectic running around and a lot of brain draining activity. I was feeling good, though, but with half a mind on other things.

We held our two-minute silence at 11am in respect of those who gave their lives so we might be free. The file alarm sounded at 11am and then again to indicate its completion. In a building the size and layout of the one I’m in, it made for quite a spooky experience. Normally, the sound of typing, chattering and phone calls can be heard all around; at 11am there was nothing – total silence – very thoughtful and very strange. 11:02: all things back to normal.

After work the one thing I needed was to just sit down and relax for half an hour, get my dinner, and then get stuck into the writing.

It never happened.

First I had Parents’ Night at the school. As usual Gail and I got chatting to the teacher and pushed everyone else back five minutes. Nae luck. She seems like a lot of though; definitely the best teacher Laura has ever had. You can tell she’s good when the kids don’t like them – it means they’re stricter and don’t take any nonsense in the class – just what some of them need judging by what I saw when I walked into the class during Open Day last month. Laura is still embarrassed about that.

What I’m leading up to is the fact I ran out of time to get anything done today. No apologies – it was one just one of them days – but it doesn’t mean I’m about to let go.

It means I’m about to push harder before the weekend comes along.

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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