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Thursday …

I can’t believe I slept in this morning. I should never have stayed up so late reading Rankin’s new book, Doors Open. Serves me right, and it knocked me right off my plans for the day. I had wanted to have written my NaNo quota before I left for work, as it was, I never.

After I’d posted last night’s blog I received an email from William’s McIlvanney’s relation (the lady who contacted me claiming to be a family member of his a couple of months ago). She was confirming she had caught up with William over the phone, and thanks to me, was now planning to come over for a week at Christmas to see him. She was most thankful, and I couldn’t have been happier to hear that it all turned out well.

I managed to get over a 1,400 words down during my lunch break – not easy considering the meltdown environment I’m working in just now. We’ve had problem after problem and stress is building in all parts of our department. It’s well within my capabilities to handle the pressure, gain an understanding of the issues and offer solutions to the multi-million pound company work for, it’s just kind of hard with DI Lennox from Leith CID is talking incessantly about the serial murder running around Edinburgh that he’s trying to catch, moaning about the crap hotel I’ve put him up in next to Leith Links until he finds a house, and complaining about the fact he can’t find a woman.

Life sucks when you’re a character in one of my novels.

After work I headed through to good old Glasgow and met my sister, Lindsay, off the bus. We went into Cineworld and caught new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, then headed back to hers for a Chinese takeaway and a few episodes of The West Wing. A pleasant evening by any standards, especially after the heavy day I’d had.

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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