The Great Addiction

The Great Addiction
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I felt really good today. Good about the novel, good about my submissions, and good about life. Talk about the ups and downs of writing a novel? Man, I’ve been all over the place this November; bi-polar moods day by day; all to be expected though but I’ve never been quite so “swinging” during previous books.

One of the great, great things about writing a novel is the feeling that one is living the story with the character. Right now I have Lennox working on a case in Edinburgh while having just arrived in the city; he’s looking for a home and trying to settle at the same time. As all this is happening, every day I walk past the hotel he’s been put up in until he finds a flat. Every day I walk past the place where I think I’m going to have him living; every day I walk past his place of work in Queen Charlotte Street, and every day I can feel him alive around me with all the other characters that are making the book what it is.

No matter how good or bad the final first draft will be, when I return to do the second draft, it will all be history. Everything that happens now is new to me and is a learning curve of the journey unfolding. Yes, I can manipulate it and make decisions, but it’s sill happening now and for the first time. Next time, on revision number one, It will be a recollection; Lennox and the other characters will be gone and everything will have happened last month or last year or whenever.

That’s what is so addictive about writing a novel: you live with these characters for so long they get under your skin, and when they’ve gone you miss them. So you want to experience the thrill of playing God over someone else’s life again, and feel the high of giving them a partner; the low of seeing them weep over a corpse.

Not sure how to tie that up, but needless to say I’m rolling just now after a difficult spell and I broke the 30,000 mark. Here’s to champagne in a couple of weeks.

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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1 Response to The Great Addiction

  1. Excellent work. I love the feeling of living with the characters.

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