Taking A Break

Taking A Break
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I wanted to complete my daily NaNo quota early to keep me on track today, and I did just that. I knew I would have no other time today other than between 5am and 7am, what with a night out in the evening and a busy day scheduled, so I’m happy to report it was a mission accomplished.

I had the urge to sail way past the 2,500 word mark and keep going, but I deliberately stopped myself, showed a bit of discipline. I’m in danger of going into overload and crashing, which if I’d kept ploughing on would lose me a day or two while I recharge myself. This way, I know I’m safe and still well on target for finishing NaNoWriMo ‘08 and completing the whole novel before Christmas. When I left Lennox I was mid-sentence, and he was just about to get romantic with a young lady. Nae luck, big man!!! 

After lunch, the early starts and hard work did start to catch up with me, though, and I started to feel very tired indeed. I got to the ‘nodding off point’ of tired at my desk, which is never good at the best of times, especially when you’re the only person from the team in work that day and making software changes to applications that house people’s personal life finances. I had to resort to double strength Espressos to give me a jolt.

It’s really beginning to play on my mind having to wait for news on Hunting Jack. I know they are interested and are doing what editors do, but as time goes on and I try to deny myself thinking about it, the harder it becomes. Right now, I’d rather know one way or the other just put an end to it, and obviously a good outcome is what I’m hoping for.

In the evening I found myself at a family birthday party being held in the Leith Dockers Club. The aunt of Gail’s friend (whose wedding we were at in September) was holding a 50th bash in the same club where Irvine Welsh used to drink; the flat where he wrote Trainspotting sitting unassuming and bland right across the road.

It was a good night; cheap bevy and within walking distance of my house, so you can’t say fairer than that.

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (NaNoWriMo)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

Blood Ties (Full Novel)

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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1 Response to Taking A Break

  1. Lara says:

    You and I have almost exactly the same word count! GO US! (And yes, we’d better go go go in the next seven days, eh?)


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