November GDR Review

 Monthly GDR Review

* NANOWRIMO – Blood Ties – 50,000 words required by end of month (G1,G2,G3,D1,D2) – never completed; 37,073 words (74%) of Blood Ties
* Decide on short story possibilities from Muse output; edit and write (G1,G2,D1,D2) – complete; competition possibility for “Big Taff” story
* Submit Stella to selected markets (G1,G2,D1,D2) – complete
* Re-submit rejected/recalled short stories (G1,G2,D1,D2) – followed all up; A Point of View in final decision pile for winter issue

* Query freelance gigs 25/mth (3/25 pitched – Total=89) (G7,G9) – 3 queries this month
* Complete Scotland’s Treasure column for SDR Winter edition (Jan) (G5,G7,G9) – no work done; events pending to cover
* Remain flexible for any TLB assignments that come through – new batch of articles in and IP; marketing widget pulled

* Updates to photography site pending – nothing through from client
* Updates to B&B site pending – 1st batch of changes done; 2nd pending

* Keep company accounts up to date – complete
* Amalgamate web design and freelance writing sites to – template chosen; work started; ongoing

* Nothing planned – nothing done.

* Stay on top of RR submissions (G6) – complete
* Write up interview/feature for Issue 5 (Dec) (G6) – complete
* Complete layout of RR issue 5 (Dec) (G6) – complete
* Complete website for launch of issue 5 (Dec) (G6) – complete
* Start laying out RR issue 6 (Dec) (G6) – no work done

Marketing and Promotion
* Publish November newsletter (G5) – complete
* Prepare December newsletter (G5) – not done
* Publish November GDR Plan – complete
* Publish November GDR Review – complete
* Prepare December GDR Plan – complete
* Launch revamped main site (G5,G8,G9) – complete
* Keep website(s) up to date (G5,G8,G9) – complete
* Offer special ‘Credit Crunch’ promotions (G5,G8,G9) – never thought this through; scrap

Reading & Learning
* On-the-job research and reading for writing of Blood Tiesseveral research points outlined for after NaNo
* Black & Blue by Ian Rankin – complete
* Closed Doors by Ian Rankin – IP

* Continue diet (15/28lbs lost as at 15/9/08) (R1) – stalling; need to get back on the horse and up to a gallop

Things That Turned Up
* Call from new client about some editing work

Submissions Made
Stella – 16/11

* Got through some good work on new Lennox novel.

Canongate rejected Slick – 12/11
Jenny Brown rejected Slick – 14/11
Failed to completed NaNoWriMo (74%)

Fiction – 37,000
Non-Fiction – 13,500
Poetry – 0

Outstanding Submissions
Hunting Jack with 1 publisher
Slick with 3 agents/publishers

Stella with 1 publisher

Wheelhouse 1
Saint Ann’s Review 1
Trespass 1
East of the Web 1

GDR Monthly Health Summary

How did I move outside my comfort zone this month?
Not sure I did, although tackling NaNo alongside other work that came through made me feel that way but in a negative sense.

How did I think big/challenge myself?
I never.

Do I feel this was a good month towards meeting my 2008 GDR Plan?
Yes, because I had a busy freelance work and wrote one third of new and ongoing novel. Can’t to afford to beat myself up over not completing NaNo because it wasn’t a waste.

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Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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1 Response to November GDR Review

  1. Lara says:

    You know, with all you have on your plate (I am feeling NOT busy looking at all your GDR’s) I’m glad you have the attitude about NaNo that you do. 37K is nothing to sneeze at! It wasn’t a waste at all–hopefully it jumpstarted your novel and now you can relax and write it at your own pace!

    Can you believe it’s December 1st?


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