The Big Freeze

The Big Freeze
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I got confirmation through from the Senior Acquisitions Editor at the venue I submitted Stella to a couple of weeks ago. Whether the email is a late courtesy or that it indicates something is happening is unclear.

The one problem with having so many manuscripts on the go is the level of excitement and perpetual urge to nail bite one gets from just thinking about the possibilities. I hate tempting fate, though, so I shall refrain from any more cloud nine chatter.

In another email through today, the long awaited (and I’m talking 20+ years) reunion tour by The Specials was leaked to me yesterday and is due to hit the national press tomorrow. Tickets for the Glasgow Academy leg of their UK tour go on sale on 11th December for next April. I’ll be there, naturally, for what will is a tour that all hoped for but many never thought would come. For it to happen in the 30th anniversary year of the 2-Tone movement, which pretty much shaped a large part of my life, is simply awesome. Tickets go on sale Dec 11th from Here are the other dates:

Newcastle, Academy – April 22nd
Sheffield, Academy – 23rd
Birmingham, Academy – 25th & 26th
Glasgow, Academy – 28th
Manchester, Apollo – May 3rd
London, Brixton Academy – 6th & 7th

I’ve moved my Work In Progress tracker over to the left so I’ll only mention my daily progress at the bottom of each post. I think there’s possibly enough wee graphics appearing here at any one time as it is. All you’ll see now (unless you look left of page), is the word count.

The big chill has really kicked in over Scotland now. Last night it was well below zero and today I don’t think it ever got past 1 degree Celsius. The streets were up iced pretty much the entire time making it a well dodgy trip to work. With Edinburgh being built on a series of hills you need nails tapped into the bottom your shoes to avoid becoming one of the hospital admissions from a winter-related injury.

Thank goodness for the special heaters I have installed in the rabbit hutch. Without them I doubt my bunnies would have much chance of survival, but as it is, they have to be the most pampered Leporidae in the world.

It’s certainly more comfortable in their hutch than in my office, where it is so cold even with the radiator on, I have to wear a beanie hat. When I find my old gloves I’m gong to snip the tips off the fingers so I can write while keeping my hands warm. Yes, it’s that bad.

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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1 Response to The Big Freeze

  1. Stevie Ward says:

    Colin, I’ll also be at the Specials gig, hopefully hook up for a beer or two.

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