Can’t Think Of A Title

Can’t Think Of A Title
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I got another confirmation from the publisher that received Stella this morning, this time from a senior acquisitions editor. It was only to say it was in the queue, but the novella seems to be moving up their hierarchy. Could be a coincidence?

I didn’t get up until 10am today, and boy did I need the sleep. I had a splitting headache when I put my head down last night and I think it was mostly candle burning related – figuratively as well as reality.

The weather, while still cold, was more relaxed today, not as biting. A blue sky had rolled in for me opening the curtains signalling a nice day ahead. I stuck the bunnies out in the long run in the garden for the afternoon, and set about tidying the house while they played.

Bathroom, shower room, bedroom and lounge were all given the once over, and I also used the time away from my PC to do some admin on my hard drive. I took full backups and gave it a deep clean and data re-org. One can’t be too careful.

I sent off my invoices today and have begun thinking about next year’s GDRs. I’ve not made any firm decisions yet but I know the direction I want to go. I can feel the natural pull of where I want to take my writing. There’ll be more streamlining of the work I do and more dedication, but with so much still in the balance with regards to manuscripts there might be some late ticks or crosses going onto my final assessment.

With Gail out for the night I spent some quality time with Laura. We watched an episode of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and then ordered a pizza from Dominos (we’re still barred from Pizza Hut) while we watched a DVD; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I neglected to mention that issue 5 of The Ranfurly Review came out on Monday. We’re a year old with this issue so go and download a free copy – please.

Speaking of downloads, my friend Devon Ellington has a couple of new e-books out this season. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s available from Devon’s site:

Too Much Mistletoe: A Nina Bell Holiday Mystery Nina Bell is back! Still trying to make a living in the New York theatre world of the 1990s, she’s trying to figure out which is the bigger mystery – a college friend’s disappearance, or her ever-complicated love life, as every man she meets wants to hang mistletoe over her head. Read an excerpt here and purchase the story for only $2.99 USD here.

The Ramsey ChaseMeet the adventurous Cornelia True of Bodwin’s Ferry, whose life changes forever when “fixer” Roman Gray lands naked in her petunias, and they combine forces to track down a serial killer determined to murder thirteen women in thirteen months for their blood, with his latest victim right there in Bodwin’s Ferry!

Only $1.49 USD for this 10K adventure, the very first Penny’s Dreadfuls release! Read an excerpt of the adventure here. Purchase the story here.

Free limited download
The Possession of Nattie Filmore: A Jain Lazarus Adventure – If you loved Hex Breaker, you’ll love spending time with Jain and Wyatt as they try to solve a haunted house mystery. Read an excerpt of the story and download it free here

The Ranfurly Review – Out Now!

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  1. Thanks for the promo, Colin!

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