Lazy Leith

Lazy Leith
Image: Up South

The chill seems to have lifted somewhat; it was much milder today than it has been of late. Perhaps it was blown away by the fierce gales that battered Edinburgh last night.

When I left for the day job this morning there were wheelie bins and garden objects scattered over much of the street. The fact that half of the bins had been blown over and scattered all their contents around was hardly noticeable, particularly in and around Duke Street and Great Junction Street. Not that all people in Leith don’t bother to bin their rubbish, but the ones that do make a hell of a mess. I’m glad they’re happy living in it.

You should see the state of Leith’s Christmas Tree. It’s of a decent size this year for a change, and planted, as always, in front of the Queen Victoria statue at the New Kirkgate “shopping plaza”. I think they bought a large one to hide the embarrassment that Woolies has become, but they might have bought some decent decorations for it, too. There are a couple of lines of flashing lights half-heartedly draped over it; no baubles, no fancy lights, no glitter – it’s a disgrace. Actually, it’s just sad and reflects Leith’s mentality: cannae be arsed so have a joint instead.

I got a healthy amount of work day under my belt today. I want to clear as much off my plate as possible before I stop for the break, so during the early morning and lunch I worked through today’s email, prepared January’s newsletter, completed editing the draft of The Big Taff Affair, started preparing December’s GDR Review, started preparing January’s GDR Plan, re-drafted my outstanding client’s profile – sent it off in the evening minus the CV – don’t see why I should commit to it all for such a low paying gig and that she’s having trouble deciding what she wants. I can see the client disappearing now, which suits me fine at this moment.

Day job was busy – we’re down on staff – so when I got home I was knackered. Couldn’t really eat and only managed a bowl of my mother in law’s soup she sent over. I lay down to rest my head for twenty minutes and woke two and a half hours later.

I made a quick cuppa and some of the freelance gigs I had fished out from the mush looked pretty decent, and so I sent off four queries for new gigs. Which means that I managed to complete Kristen King’s Query Challenge: 120 queries in a year.

Looking back, I did not bad out of them either. My profits are way up this year and that’s mostly due to the amount of work I took on, which can only be related to the increased amount of queries I’ve put out. It’s been a damn good freelancing year, so Id like to say a huge and public thanks to Kristen for keeping with the challenge and driving me on to complete it, despite it closing during the year.

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2 Responses to Lazy Leith

  1. Kristen King says:

    Congrats on getting all 120 queries in, even without the support of the ongoing Challenge. I’m proud of you. 🙂


  2. Good for you for hitting 120. I didn’t keep close enough track of the queries I’ve sent out, but I’m pretty sure I hit the mark — I’ve sent out 3-5 at least per week, sometimes more.

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