Spreading The Ideas

Spreading The Ideas
Image: Apesara

It was -5 degrees Centigrade here last night, roughly translated as bloody baltic. Not only did my bunnies have to have their heat pads ramped up to full for the duration, but I covered their hutch with plastic sheeting to keep their body heat in. Poor wee souls, but they seemed unaffected when I woke them up this morning. Yes – they are the most pampered bunnies in Scotland.

Including poetry and short fiction targets in my GDRs has been a good move I feel. It’s made me think about things differently and not spend all my time focussed on one large energy sapping project; I can distribute it around a little and draw from more inspiration.

I‘ve had an idea for the novella I want to write later this year and a couple of short stories saw the inside of my notepad today in scribble form.

Still no news on Hunting Jack, and nothing else, come to think of it, for Slick and Stella.

Day job was slow. I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of things in the office. There’s been more disruption and tomorrow I’ll have to move to another part of the office. I’ll be away from the window and nearer the innards of the floor where I’ll feel more claustrophobic.

Lennox surprised me today with something he did. It’s a facet of his personality I never knew he had, but I’m gong to go with it. I figure it’s just his way of stamping his authority over me and reminding me the novel won’t all go my own way.

Stevie – thanks for your comment on yesterday’s post. Did you know the old St. Mirren end – the Reid Kerr Stand – is to be transported to Cappielow for the princely sum of £50K? Ironic to think a wee bit of Love Street will always live on – at the home of their greatest rivals!

If anyone wants to use my GDR graphics for their blog/website feel free to snatch them from here. Just right-click and Save As the following images:

Monthly GDR Review

Monthly GDR Plan

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1 Response to Spreading The Ideas

  1. Stevie Ward says:

    I’d seen that news a couple of weeks ago. Ironic, isn’t it?
    It will be used to house away fans.

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