Not Very Interesting

Not Very Interesting
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Thank God it’s Friday. Good moods abounded early on today, with several parts of the universe experiencing extreme levels of excitement and fun. Gratefully, I was happy to be in the middle of one of them.

Not that anything particularly exciting happened during my day: I got up, wrote and drank coffee, went to work, wrote over lunch, came home, wrote in an empty house, ate, and went to bed – hardly the type of stuff to win me the award for most exciting life, but it is a Friday, and for me that means joy and freedom, for the weekend is here and it’s all mine.

As today wore on I grew more and more tired. My team-meet called in sick leaving me with everything to do including all my meetings and the overnight standby shift. Tiredness became a factor the longer things went on but I did get some writing done over lunch. By late afternoon I ended up going OTT with my coffee intake in stupid way. I ordered a strong coffee out the machine and drank a third of it, then topped it up with an extra strong espresso. It was a last resort to wake me up and get me going.

It certainly worked – talk about alert! The only problem was by the time I got home, had my dinner and sat down to write, the caffeine was wearing off and I was getting tired again.

Cue headache.

I had to stop what I was dong and take some headache pills but they didn’t work. As I type this, I’m about to go to bed with my notepad so I can do some work in bed with a drink and the TV on. I’m knackered and my head is pounding, and now I’m frustrated because I can’t get into my work. An email from the publisher who has Hunting Jack would be quite a good thing right about now.

I got advance notice of some freelance work coming my way on Monday. One of my editors contacted through MSN at the start of the week but today was the first I’d seen on it. He’s sending out the assignment on Monday.

In a last ditch attempt at some form of productivity, I rearranged my bookshelves in my office. Well – not so much the shelves but the books on them. I’ve been give and bought that many books lately I wanted to get them up and into alphabetical order, but it meant deciding which books to stick into the loft, i.e., the loft. I like to try and keep the books that mean a lot to me or I refer to regularly handy on the shelves, but space is limited and growing tighter every year.

I think that’s the lot. Told you it wasn’t very interesting.

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1 Response to Not Very Interesting

  1. Hope the headache’s better. Nothing like a pounding head to destroy creativity.

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