Thinking – A Lot Of Thinking

Thinking - A Lot Of Thinking
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I didn’t sleep much last night, my stomach still turning over in spasm and gurgles. I tried to eat some bread and consume a cup of tea about an hour before putting out my light last night, but it didn’t sound like it was sitting too well. I hardly ate yesterday at all, and I hate that.

So, this morning I got up early, just after 4:30am, and showered etc. I made some coffee, noticing that by the time I was dressed and clean I was feeling somewhat better than last night. Same way I felt yesterday, actually, and we all know how that ended up.

Unable to take any sick time off due to a situation at work, I made my way in on the first bus. Edinburgh is awesome in the “blue hours” – the period between night-time and dawn, or dusk and darkness. Empty and wide open, the streets seem to be more welcoming and you notice things you never noticed before, like buildings at normally busy junctions that would otherwise get missed. Or shops you never noticed before, or places that you would normally never see devoid of human life empty of everything, asleep and secretive.

I was hungry by lunchtime and my stomach seemed relatively fine, so I bought a cup of lentil soup. Ninety minutes later my stomach was cringing again, the soup either helping to get things going again and flush out the germs, or something untoward was happening in the pipeline. I wasn’t sure.

I managed some food later in the evening – thanks Devon – and by bedtime was feeling a whole lot better.

I did some important background work on Blood Ties, mostly into my notebook with some new approaches and ideas. I’ve never hesitated this much DURING the writing of a novel before, and while that’s a new thing for me and goes against what I believed was the way I should always do it, I feel ok with it – for now. It’s work I feel needs to be done; planning, thinking – a lot of thinking. I want this to be a damn good novel, and if it comes to the point where I have to re-write everything I’ve got, the so be it. We’re not there yet, though, because the changes I’m thinking about can be mostly slotted in and then come after where I am at the moment.

I wrote two poems this evening; the first lines of brand new poetry I’ve written for quite some while. For first drafts they aren’t half bad. I’m going to keep running with my poetry GDR and see what I have later in the year with regards to publishing a new chapbook, but I’m placing no limitations on what I write about – it’s all about the poetry. If I have work that can be brought together into a body of work I’ll do that. If not, c’est la vie, I’ll still have a bunch of new poems.

Read some more of Day by AL Kennedy. I’m really enjoying it. Her style of writing is what’s fascinating more than the story itself – so far – because ever so subtly she’s introducing factors into the book that one can tell are leading to things.

The latest issue of The Scruffy Dog Review is out now. Can you believe it’s now 3 years old?!

Inside this issue we have an illuminating interview with Broadway actor and singer, Gerard Canonico, articles by Devon Ellington and myself, and some fiction and poetry for you to get your teeth into. It’s a really good issue this month so I would urge you to pop over and have a scout about.

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